The Armor of the Dragon Emperor (Magical Scale Armor):

For a period of about three hundred years, from about 400 years to 88 years from the present, the Western Empire was embroiled in over forty major civil wars. Several of the more powerful generals made themselves Emperor during this period of unrest. At around 308 years before the present, one of the generals became the Dragon Emperor. His personal standard as a general had been the dragon and had retained the dragon as his standard when he became Emperor. He was a powerful general and looked like he might be able to stabilize the country. His rule only lasted three years due to shifting politics. He started working on several reforms and lost many of his supporters when the reforms were started. He was dethroned and found himself outlawed. He, and some of supporters, were able to escape to the Eastern Territory.

During the Dragon Emperors rule, he established a group of specialist soldiers. Their primary job was to act as royal bodyguards but were also for special secret missions. Among other special items, he commissioned special suits of armor from the Royal Alchemists. The Emperor had preferred scale mail over other types of heavy armor because they gave better protection than chain mail and were far more mobile than most of the other heavy armors such as plate mail. For that reason, he chose scale mail for the new armor. The armor was enameled in gloss red and has shoulder plates with the bias relief of a fire dragon on each. Many of the sets of armor are known to have survived and are considered very valuable. Some of the armors have been retained by families who are the descendants of the original guards. Most of these are guards who escaped with the dethroned Emperor to the Eastern Territories. Most of the Emperors guards that remained in the Western Empire were executed or killed during battles and their armors are more frequently available on the open market.

The armor itself is of the finest quality workmanship possible from master Dwarven armor smiths who made the armor. The armor is made out of the finest materials and each of the armor scales are strengthened additionally to withstand greater damage. This would make the armor very heavy if not for the enchantment to make the armor effectively weightless. The armor is enchanted further to make it harder to penetrate and find chinks in the armor. The armor was also enchanted so that it would take no damage from fire. The Emperor had several altercations with wizards who threw fireballs and creatures who breath fire. Finally, the armor regenerates any damage it receives unless it is completely destroyed. This is the reason most of the armors still survive although a few armors are known to have been destroyed.

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