Elven Warsabre (Magical Saber / Katana):

Relics of when the Old Kingdom was at his height, these swords are extremely valuable and prized. Originally, these swords were issued to knights who served as bodyguards to the rulers of the Elven Kingdom or were given to heroes who performed a major service for the Elven Nation. At one time, there were hundreds of these swords but many have been lost over the ages. Many were lost during wars between the Dwarf and Elves. As well, more have been lost throughout the ages. Only a couple of dozens are know to exist and adventures have often traveled to the ruins of Elven cities and ancient battlefields. In addition, there are several legendry Elven Warsabres which are more powerful than the standard enchanted Elven Warsabre. One of the most famous was known as Arabelha. Legends tell that the weapon is a sword of light. It has been lost for thousands of year and there has been many Adventuring parties which hunted for the weapon without any luck. Originally, there were many non enchanted weapons which were made in the same design as the enchanted Warsabres but the years have turned virtually all of them into dust. There seems to have been some magic used in the forging of the weapon and no Elven sword smiths specialize in the weapons today. As well, few Dwarven weapon smiths with forge the weapons.

The Elven Warsabres are long bladed curved saber similar to a Japanese Katana. One difference between the Elven Warsabre and most sabers is that the spine is sharpened for about one fifth of the length of the blade to make a better stabbing weapon. Both edges are incredibly sharp and none of the known surviving weapons show any sign of wear. Four inches forward of the hand guard is an ridge as additional protection for the wielder's hands. The blade is bright silver and is inlaid with the designs of a vine with oak leaves. The design is done in green enamel. The sword has a slim hand guard of silver with green inlaid designs as well. The handle itself is wooden, appear to be of oak, and is wrapped around in gold with the design of a vine with oak leaves. The handle slightly curves forward and is designed to be used comfortably with either one hand or two.

The swords were made by some of the finest Elven sword smiths even to practice their craft and the weapons are the equal of any weapon forged by the Dwarves although many scholars believe that the incredible quality was only achieved through magic. The weapons are enchanted to be indestructible and extremely sharp. The sharpness of these blades have only been equaled in recent times by Alchemists in the Western Empire. In combat, some consider them the equal of lesser rune weapons.

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