Crystal Thunder (Magical Mace):

There are several very well know magic swords and other weapons made from crystal which are attributed to the Elven alchemist Eldron. This has causes many people to assume that this enchanted mace is made by the same alchemist although few true scholars support this. Instead, a variety of other individuals are considered including the original teacher of Eldron or one of the Elven alchemists apprentices. Due to the different style of the magical mace, some consider the mace to have been created by someone completely different, maybe incredibly ancient. There is a possibility also that it was created by him when he was just learning his art. Still, whoever made the mace, the weapon is a master of enchantments and a work of art.

The mace head appears to be made out of a single large crystal. It is extremely dark and the material might be smoky quartz from the crystal's appearance. The mace head has four wedges which stick out from the sides. When looking into the head of the mace, there appears to be a glow in the depths of it. The glow appears to be always changing, as if it is caged lightning. It is not bright enough to be able to see with and even spotting the mace by the glow in the dark if difficult. The one key difference from most of Eldron's magic items is that the handle of the mace is not constructed from the same crystal as the rest of the weapon but instead appears to be forged from some type of black metal.

The weapon is as useful a weapon as it is a work of art and is incredibly well balance. It appears to be indestructible and shows not signs of wear. If it was not enchanted to be indestructible, the weapon would probably shatter on its first blow. When struck, a loud thunder comes from the weapon and it appears to inflict around twice what a normal mace should do in a single blow. The mace also has the ability to fire lightning bolts up to three times each day.

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