“Ward Scored” Magic Armor:

While full alchemists are best known for magic magical armors, Ward Masters (also known as Diabolists), either with wizard skills or working with wizards, have the ability to make magical armors as well. In some ways, these armors are more limited but they have advantages as well. In addition, the magical enchantments are a fair amount cheaper than those made by Alchemists and the armors themselves can be repaired by an armorer.

Most common armors which are enchanted are the heavier metal armors including plate armor, chain and plate, split mail, and scale mail but leather armors can be enchanted by this manner. These enchantments cannot be combined with enchantments created by Alchemists. The enchanting of the armor is done using a plaque of dragon bone, or demon bone although dragon bone is far more common, with a permanency ward and the various spells enchanted into the plaque.

A wide variety of wizard spells can be enchanted into the armor. By far the most common spell is Weightlessness. Other common spells include Impervious to Fire, Chameleon, Shadow Meld, and Multiple Image. The spell only effects the armor not the wearer. As such, if the armor covers most of the body, such concealment spells can be quite effective. Any parts of the body which are not covered by armor though will be visible. The same problem can also defeat the use of multiple image. If there is only the multiple image of the armor but if it can be seen that there is no person inside of the images, the illusion can be of limited use. As well, casting invisibility on the armor only makes the armor itself invisible. The person will appear to not be wearing any armor unless the person can see invisible. Impervious to fire also only makes the armor itself impervious to fire. Spell which effect a person like see the invisible, charismatic aura, and tongues will not work.

Other wards can also be combined with the plaque. Again, the wards ony effect the armor not the wearer of the armor. Color wards are among the most common with some people wanting their armor of a color which is almost impossible to replicate naturally. Protection wards can be placed and a small number of other wards such as light and invisibility can also be placed on the armor.

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