Elemental Harp of Air (Rune Harp):

There are a handful of magical instruments which are enchanted with runes. Among them, the most famous are four harps which command elemental forces. One commands earth, one commands air, one commands fire, and a final instrument commands water. Of course rune instruments are usually eclipsed by rune books and especially rune weapons.

There are many stories around these instruments. Some are believed by most scholars to be creations of fantasy. Still, there is a core of stories which are believed to be more or less true although it is believed that they have been embroidered to some extent. How old these instruments is unknown. They are known to at least be thousands of years old.

Even the creator is unknown. Various gods are suggested with the god Thoth being one of the most commonly considered one although a variety of deities of music are also possible. No being, mortal or otherwise is as skilled in magic. Some of his creations are absolutely incredible.

Incredibly beautiful, the harp is a light blue in color and it appears to be made from some kind of completely unknown metal. Patterns on the harp are of winds and clouds blowing. When the harp is moved around, it almost appears as if the clouds are actually moving. The instrument when played gets a golden glow about it. The strings are silver and like each of the harps, there is no visible way of de-tuning the instrument. The millenniums which the harps have produced no scars on the instrument. It looks just like it did when it was first made.

The sounds coming from the instrument are just as beautiful as the instrument itself is. The Music seems to take on a free spirit and an airiness when played. The music tend to be uplifting to the weary spirit and have an energy which is beyond just the cords played. Even those with no musical ability can coax a tune out of the instrument.

As with all rune items, the harp has an entity of some sort inside it. The personality loves musicians in general although it will allow others to play it. The instrument will only bond with individuals who are harpists themselves. The instrument has a fairly fuzzy idea on the whole issue of good and evil although there are some actions which the instrument has a dislike for. Murder or causing injury for the shear pleasure of it are a couple of actions which will cause the instrument can become vocal about. Honor and dishonor are virtual alien concepts to the instrument. The one part of its nature which is strong is that is a free spirit.

Like the harp of fire, the instrument allows a player, through the music produced by the harp, to communicate with an elemental. The player does not actually speak the language but the music transforms the language. A second effect is that an elemental will treat the harpist as they would a master of the elements, otherwise known as a Warlock. As such, they will not usually be attacked unless specifically directed to attack the player of the instrument.

A variety of air elemental spells can be cast by the harp. To continue the magic, the harpist must continue playing the instrument. Each magic spell has its own tune. There are several air elemental abilities which generally are not part of a rune items normal abilities. This includes the ability of the instrument to be able to breath life into the lifeless and the ability to summon a sliver of a spirit of air. Others are more conventional including the ability to calm storms, create ball lightning, create a whirlwind, and create a powerful electrical field.

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