The Black Cloak (Enchanted Cloak):

Two guards patrolled inside the treasury of Baron Torgral watching for anything unusual. The Baron was reputed to be one the wealthiest nobles within the Western Empire and as such his treasury was a likely target for thieves. As such, the guards were equipped with magic items to enable them to see invisible enemies. One of the guards turned and saw a figure that appeared to be a young boy wrapped in a black cloak. The figure was standing in front of chest full of gems and was in the process of filling a bag with the Baron’s most value gems. The guards drew their swords and charged the boy. The boy whipped of his cloak and said some mystical words. Suddenly the cloak became a swirling black mist in which everything disappeared. The guards groped blindly but could not find the boy. As expected, the Boy, the Bag, and the Gems were gone when the black cloud dissipated.

The Black Cloak is a favorite one use magic item by thieves in the Palladium world. A one use item, when the cloak is pulled of and a special command word is spoken, the cloak becomes a black mist that hides everything. The cloud will cover up to a space of 27,000 cubic feet (765 cubic meters). This is equal to a room that is 30 feet (9.1 meters) by 30 feet (9.1 meters) by 30 feet (9.1 meters). Thinner spaces, the cloud will spread out until it covers the entire volume. All forms of sight do not work within the cloud although hearing and psionic presence type senses are not effected. The cloak is destroyed by the activation with the cloud lasting for 12 melees (4 minutes) once activated. All within the cloud without other senses will be at -5 to strike and -9 to parry and dodge.

Cost: 1,200 gold.

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