Huntsman’s Axe [Rune Axe]:

As with many rune weapons, nobody knows when this rune weapon was created. Some scholars compare this rune weapon to another rune weapon known as “Old Rusty.” Having similar enchantments, these scholars also sometimes suggest that the two rune weapons were made by the same being. While it has been given other names, the axe is most commonly called the “Huntsman’s Axe.”

The first clear stories of this axe are from only a few hundred years before in the Eastern Territories. It is thought to have been carried by a skilled rune weapon. One reason why it is sometimes hard to tell which stories are actually about this axe is because the axe normally appears to be a normal axe, one which one might use to chop lumber.

Over the years, the axe was wielded by a number of different people. This includes several women and even a few wolfen. Has drifted around the Eastern Territory and up into the Wolfen Empire. The sex and race of the wielder does not seem to matter. As far as the axe is concerned, the only thing the axe seems to care about is that the wielder has a kind heart. Few wielders of the axe have been soldiers or mercenaries serving in military units, but loners or adventurers.

Otherwise, the personality of the axe is pretty low key and humble. One example of this is that the axe does not mind actually being used to chop wood. In addition, most possessors describe the personality as being female. The axe is quite protective and the wielder will be asked to protect those in trouble, no matter what race they might be. As well, the wielder may be asked to help with non combat activities such as helping to build communities. Does not tend to demand but instead ask its wielder.

Unlike some rune weapons with the ability to transform, the abilities of the rune weapon are able to used in its “plain” form. In its common form, the run axe appears to be a simple good quality normal axe which one might use to chop wood. The handle appears to be made from wood with a simple steel head. It looks a little old with like the head has been sharped many times and the handle looking like it has quite a bit of wear from a great many hands.

Only cases where the axe may transform into its rune form is when it needs to awe an opponent and possibly to convince a skeptical wielder. In this form, the axe appears to be made from silvery grey metal with runes running along both the head and handle of the axe. As with most rune weapons, the weapon is extremely beautiful.

In any form, the rune axe is extremely well balanced. One will find it better than almost any other weapon they ever wielded. It is equal to the best weapons made by Dwarven weapon crafters. In addition, the rune weapon is completely indestructible, able to parry basically any weapon without any damage.

Otherwise, the weapon seems to have only one enchantment. This enchantment is that a wielder of the weapon will find that they can attack faster than with a normal weapon. In addition, the wielder’s normal speed is faster as well as being faster to respond in combat.

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