"Armor of Thorns" Bracer (Transformable Armor):

There are a half dozen of these artifacts known to exist. Like many artifacts, nobody knows how they were created. Many alchemists would like to know because they appear to combine the arts of Alchemy and Elemental magic. Otherwise, the only items which appear to be able to cast Elemental magic are items infused with rune magic. Because of the very limited numbers of these items, they are considered to be extremely valuable.

When not worn, the bracer appears to be a ball of thorns. When held up to the arm and commanded, it wraps around the arm from wrist to forearm. The item looks like it should be digging its thorns into the wrist but is actually comfortable and does not cause any pain to the wearer. One of the other features of the bracer is that it is completely indestructible.

The bracer can be activated a total of three times a day. When activated, a forms an armor of thorns around the wearer of the bracer. While the armor looks like it would be highly restrictive to movement, in fact the armor does not impede the wearer’s movement. Each time it is activated, the duration of the armor is twelve minutes unless it is destroyed. While the spikes do not affect the wearer, anyone attacking the wearer or attempting to crab them usually gets caught on the thorns.

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