Chalice of Blood (Enchanted Chalice):

Extremely rare, only a handful of these chalices exist. There are believed to be a total of about a dozen in existence. It is unknown who made these crystalline cups and no alchemist in recent times has been able to copy the enchantments. One story is that the chalices were made by the God 'Vald-Tegor' himself. The enchantment is similar to that of the priests of his church.

The chalices looks like they are carved from a single piece of blood red crystal. The chalice can only be used once per day. When red wine is put into the chalice and activated, the wine transforms. After being transformed, it tastes and smells the same. However it will feed a vampire as if it the wine human blood. The transformed wine must be drunk directly from the chalice and cannot be stored. While some vampires prefer to feed off of sentient beings, there are others who dislike. As well, the ability to make a 'blood substitute" makes traveling easier.

Cost: 100,000 Gold (or More)

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