Enchanted Cane Sword (Enchanted Sabre and Staff):

This weapon is really two enchanted weapons, an enchanted short staff with an enchanted sabre that can be pulled from the short staff. Since the staff looks like a heavy walking stick, it does not make one with this item to be obviously armed.

Since it is two enchanted weapons, the item is expensive although most alchemists who make magical weapons can create these. Still, it is fairly popular among some certain crowds. These include nobles, merchants, and mariners. Mages and scholars might also carry these enchanted weapons. They are not that common among thieves and assassins.

There are some case where an enchanted sabre is hidden within a normal walking stick as well. There are also been cases where one of the items have been lost.

In terms of style, there is a lot of variation in these weapons. Some are plain and look like a normal walking stick. In other cases, these items are highly decorated and works of art. Some even silver inlays and precious gems. In most cases, both the handle of the sabre and the short staff are similar in design. In almost all, the hand of the sabre is designed so that it is not obvious.

As with most enchanted weapons, the short staff and sabre are extremely well balanced. In quality, the weapons are equal to some of the best weapons made by Dwarven weaponsmiths. A skilled fighter who can fight with two weapons at the same time can be extremely dangerous using the sabre and staff together.

As far as enchantments, both the short staff and sabre are enchanted to be indestructible and enchanted to inflict greater damage. In addition, the sabre blade is enchanted to be eternal sharp. Some in made in the Western Empire are enchanted with super sharpness but are more expensive than the standard enchanted Cane Sword.

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