Blood Ruby Gem (Enchanted Jewelry):

With powerful healing abilities, these gems can be considered a more powerful cousin of the more common Bloodstone Pendent. In fact, these gems are considered incredibly rare with only about two dozen of these gems known to exist. The magic used to create these gems is long lost with most scholars believe that these gems date from the height of the Elven Kingdom.

Many scholars suggest that there might have been many more of these gems lost in the Old Kingdom. Many groups of adventurers have traveled into the lands of the Old Kingdom in search of these gems with little success. A number of alchemists have tried to reproduce the enchanted Blood Rubies. These Blood Rubies can sell for prices comparable to lesser Holy Weapons.

Each of these rubies are around twenty carats in size and are faceted into tear drops designs. High quality rubies of twenty carats or more are extremely rare. The gems themselves appear to be indestructible. Owners of these gems will often mount them in necklaces, bracelets, or other items of jewelry. Most of these settings are of the highest quality as well, most being gold or silver.

Due to differences in style, it is believed that these enchanted rubies are made by two different creators or possibly two different schools of alchemists. The gems start as a deep dark red. When the enchantment is used, some fade slightly in color, fading from red through to a pink and finally clear as it is activated. Others though instead have blobs of white appear in the gem when activated with the areas swirling. As it is activated, more blobs of white appear until it only has blobs of red among the white areas of the gem. When all charges are used, the gem will be clear in a similar manner to the other style of the Blood Ruby.

In all cases, the Blood Ruby has a maximum six activations per day. One simply clasps the gem hard to activate it with anybody able to use the ruby. Each activation heals far more damage per activation than a Blood Stone Pendant. In fact, the Ruby will tend to heal all but the most extreme injuries when it is activated. The Ruby heals 2D4x10 S.D.C. and 6D6 Hit Points per activation (or 1D4 M.D.C. in M.D.C. Settings.)

Cost: 200,000 to 500,000 Gold (Extremely rare.)

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