Spear of Halburn the Dragon Slayer (Dragon Slayer Spear):

Halburn has an extremely unusual reputation for a Dragon Slayer. He was a Paladin with an extreme sense of honor which few have even matched. Some say that he was as much a "Dragon Saver" as a "Dragon Slayer." He would never kill a dragon who he perceived to not deserve it. There are several cases where he saved dragons from other dragon slayers. He treated dragons with some common sense, not attacking dragons for attacking livestock but instead would often lecture a young dragon as to why they should leave the animals of farmers alone. In many cases, he would reimburse farmers who had lost livestock from young dragons.

Still, no one could ever call the Paladin weak or unresolved. If a dragon marauded the lands and killed humans, elves, dwarves, or other free folk, Halburn could be an extremely dangerous opponent even for a dragon. His reputation was such that many dragons would flee instead of facing him. His most famous battle was with a extremely old Night Stalker dragon. While almost killed in the battle, and several of his companions were killed, he managed to slay the evil dragon in the end. The gold he got from the hordes from the evil dragons he fought went towards those who were harmed by the dragons her fought. He kept very little for himself.

There are several stories to how he got the spear he used to fight dragons. Some state that he was in the service of the Temple of Light and Dark and was a gift from his god. Other stories tell that he was given the spear by a dragon god to fight evil dragons. The spear was extremely feared by dragons. When he fought, he fought with the spear paired with an indestructible magic round shield. It allowed him to survive the blows of the dragons her fought without being crushed by their blows.

No one knows what happened to him and the spear disappeared. Many stories tell that the spear was taken by an evil dragon who hid the weapon in the mountains of the Old Kingdom. Every few years, a new rumor of the spear seems to appear and adventures flock to search for the weapon. Searchers have looked for the weapon all over the world for over two centuries with no one finding the weapon. Many of the adventures who have set out to find the spear have never returned. Some scholars consider the spear lost forever.

The entire spear appears to have been forged from a single piece of metal, shaft and spear tip. The weapon is about eight feel in length although is much lighter than one might expect from a spear made completely of metal. It appears to be some kind of silver white metal and the head of the spear is heavily engraved with geometric symbols. None of the symbols appear to be hieroglyphics and many scholars point out this fact against the weapon having originated in the Church of Light and Dark. The spear shows no signs of wear and the edges of the spear tip are incredibly sharp. As well, the spear is extremely well balance and is as good as some of the finest spears made by Dwarven master weaponsmiths.

Against a mortal opponent, the spear can be extremely dangerous in skilled hands. Several less reputable dragon slayers have found that out. Still, it is against dragons where the weapon shows its true capabilities. It appears to penetrate dragon scales like they are made from wet paper. The wielder of the spear seems to strike faster when fighting against a dragon. While holding the spear, dragon's breath weapons and other forms of attack such as petrification gaze of the Basilisk do have any effect. Finally, the possessor of the spear can heal themselves from damage of a dragon.

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