Ghost Book (Rune Book):

Liaughar was happy with her job. She was one of the apprentice librarians at the Great Library of Bletherad. It was something she had dreamed about since she was a little girl. Sure, days could be long and hard, reshelving hundreds of books some evenings. Still, she considered it all worth it.

Her hand came on a book. Huge, it took almost all of her strength to lift it. Not one she was familiar with. The cover was plain with no label of what is in the book. This was not unknown but still uncommon. On a whim, she decided to open up the book. There was tiny writing in an ancient form of the dragon and elf tongues.

Reading a few lines, she thought she knew what it was. It was that mystery book that was said to be somewhere in the library sometimes called the “Ghost Book.” Others who worked in the library had spoken about it. She looked through a number of pages. There were answers to mysteries that she had always wondered about. Even though it was late, Liaughar laid it on a table and started reading.

Eventually, she found herself fighting to stay awake. Every so often she found herself nodding off. At a guess, it must be way past midnight. Hopefully the book would keep until morning. Reluctantly, she shelved the book and made sure that she remembered the books next to it so that she might find it in the morning.

Next morning, she raced to the library to look for the book once again. It was gone. The two books she remembered putting it between were there but there was no book between them. She looked on the shelves next to it and the book was not there either. Where had it gone.

What is known about this book is more rumor than fact. In fact, a few scholars believe that the book does not really exist. It is said that this book, unless it wants to be found, cannot be found. It can be in a library and dozens if not hundreds of people look for it but be unable to find it. Then one day, somebody will find it without even looking for it. The last reported discovery of this book was within the Great Library of Bletherad on the island of Isle of Y-Od. One of the place it was reported before that was the library in the capital of Baalgor before the destruction of those lands.

There are a number of stories of mysterious books being found. The stories tell of a person, maybe a merchant or scholar, bringing these books to a library telling that they want the book put in the library for safe keeping. Often, the person who brings the book by will then just disappear. Sometime, even without any reward. Many suggest that this is the rune book getting itself delivered to a place of safety. . The book itself will get shelved and just disappear itself.

It is said that this book has mystic arts that have been lost in time. This is said to include spells lost for thousands of years, possibly even before the Great Elven Kingdom. Still, nobody though knows exactly what is within the rune book. Those who believe the book does exist argue that the book was made by the god Thoth. This is one of the few things that seems to be agreed upon by most scholars.

The book is generally not real forthcoming with its pages. It will usually only reveal a few pages, a single entry, or a single spell to a person. In some cases, it might teach the rudiments of the mystical arts to somebody but not much more than that. Some suggest that the book actively enjoys the game it plays. Most stories do not suggest that the book is actively evil however just tricky. Still, the book seems to care little about the actual alignment of the reading.

It has never been known for the rune book to actually bind with anybody. Some suggest that it will never bind with anybody while others suggest that it would only bind with the right person. It does seem to be able to use its own special abilities on its own however. It is not known for following the commands of those who possess it for a time. Stories of those who have carried the book however suggest that it will use its abilities to protect that person when required. It has also been suggested that the book will work actively to protect the library it is housed in, even revealing itself if needed. Might reveal itself to give warnings as well.

In most cases, it is suggested that the abilities of the book are mostly psychic in nature. Many scholars suggest that the book’s seeming ability to hide itself in place sight is related to that. A powerful psychic with the ability of mind block might be able to shield from the book’s ability to make itself almost invisible. Many attempts to find the book also include the detecting of magic. These seem to always fair with the book having the ability to hide its magic aura.

Descriptions of the book vary. Some suggest the book is plain while others suggest it is highly decorated. Almost no two descriptions are exactly the same. In a few cases, the book has even appeared to be ragged. As a result, a few have suggested that it really is different books although most do disagree. Instead, it is suggested that the book has the ability to transform itself. Only a few stories tell of a fantastic appearing book with runes running along the cover.

Most suggest that the book is large, maybe thousands of pages total filled with tiny writings. It has been suggested that nobody could force the book open if it did not want to be opened. As well, most think that the book will only allow the reader to open to the pages that the book wants to open up to.

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