Dark Crystal Ball (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

Crystal Balls are some of the rarest magic items and are some of the most valuable magic items in the world as well. Ofter only the richest and most wealthy of individuals can afford these items. They allow one to see a person, creature, or place even if many leagues away (Range of 1000 miles / 1600 kilometers.) The target can be seen and the magic encompasses a ten foot area and the sounds of voices both inside the sphere and outside can be heard.

There is a crystal ball which is quite unusual. It is said that the crystal ball appears to be a bit darker than a standard crystal ball. It does give visions similar to that of a standard crystal ball but not quite. No, these visions are twisted. In cannot be said that the visions actually lie but they are distorted and it is extremely easy for one to get the wrong impressions for these visions.

The person watching the images will catch the target, if a person, often with expressions which appear to be sinister. If the target knows the name of the one using the crystal ball, this will often be while the name of that possessor of the crystal ball is being said. As well, when voices are heard, these will also be distorted and they will often be misunderstood to be something derogatory or directly plotting against the possessor of the crystal ball. An ally or friend might be perceived as planning to betray them. With a spouse, often times there might be the added impression that the spouse is planning to cheat on the possessor of the crystal ball.

In addition, the crystal ball has a minor curse. Unlike most curses, the possessor can discard the magic item and will lose the effects of the curse. The curse though is that the possessor of the crystal ball will develop a minor paranoia. He or she will feel that people are out to betray the possessor of the crystal ball. As one might expect, this makes it all the harder for one to persuade the possessor to get rid of the item. Often, their distrust will fall on those closest to them. This will cause them to often spy on them and get the twisted visions of them in turn.

Between the curse and the twisting effect of the crystal ball, the possessor will often attempt to eliminate the problem and who they perceive as the trouble maker. Quite a bit of bloodshed has resulted from this and has caused the possessor of the crystal ball to kill allies, friends, and spouses. It is even said that wars have started due to the effects of this magic item although some scholars discount this.

Even with these effects, few possessors will know that the item is in any way twisted or cursed. Being that the effects are fairly subtle, it is hard to see them at first. In addition, after someone has payed millions in gold for the item, they are often extremely reluctant to part with it.

In most ways, the crystal ball is like a standard crystal ball and requires no magical energy to activate and the visions last as long as the possessor concentrates on them. As with a normal crystal ball, some magic is able to block the ability of the possessor to look into a place or scan an individual. Finally, a practitioner of magic (third level or above), dragons, most creatures of magic, and greater supernatural beings can often sense being spied on by the crystal ball (38%+2% per level - roll every five minutes of observation.) They can turn towards the direction of observation and then concentrate magical energy (15 P.P.E.) And the vision will go dark. The being or location then cannot be observed for many hours (4D4 hours.) Still, at least the being who was being spied on cannot tell who was spying on them. See the writeup of the standard crystal ball for more details.

Cost: Few will be able to tell the item is curses / twisted and will usually pay millions for it.

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