Lady (Rune Sword):

There are many stories around the Rune Sword which is called "Lady."One of the most common tales told about the sword is about the origin of the Rune weapon. That is that lady was created by one of the most powerful female Rune Smith ever and she considered the weapon to be her master work. She is said to have forged the weapon near the end of her life. It is said that the sword was forged before the founding of the Great Elven Kingdom. Legend states that one of her daughters was a warrior who had problems with being attacked by Wizards and having no real defense against them and she had a second daughter who was not skilled with the use of the sword. She made the sword for both of them and the sword actually bonded with both of them. It is also told that the sword remained in the family line for many generations, passed from daughter to daughter until the line ended. Some say that the last direct female descendent dies in the Elf and Dwarf War. Since then, the sword has drifted through the hands of a variety of different hands including both great warriors and wizards. It is said that she has only been carried by women for the entire time she has existed although it is possible that she has been carried by a few changelings. While she has been carried by females of virtually every race, including Elves, Humans, and Dwarves, she has been mostly carried by Elves. That might be due to legend stating that the Rune Smith that created her and the Rune Smith's daughter being Elves but almost might be due to Elves' longer life span. Whatever the case, the sword is greatly prized by lady warriors and wizards.

Lady is a dark grey long sword with runes running along the blade and haft of the weapon. Her blade is slim and comes to a sharp point and is both an effective stabbing and slashing weapon. She has a flat spine which widens towards the hilt. On the hilt, there is a design inlaid into the blade of a beautiful woman in ancient warlock style robes around wielding sword. The details are absolutely incredible and embroidery on the robes can actually be seen. Some believe that even though the figure is in the robes of a warlock, the picture is actually of the creator of the sword. The hilt is fairly simple with a flat hand guard and the handle itself is only grooved for better grip. Whenever elemental spells are used by the wielder of the sword, the runes running along the weapon glow bright red. She is incredibly well balanced and even if not enchanted would be a work of art.

Lady has the personality of a of woman and is of the Scrupulous Alignment and considers herself to be honorable.. She is a bit on the motherly side which makes sense because the sword can actually be considered to have been created as a motherly figure. She will only bond to women and they have to be of scrupulous or principled alignment. She might bond with a Changeling with what she considers to be a female personality but it is unlikely. She has allowed Changelings to wield her in the past but have always been passed on before bonding could occur. It is interesting that she prefers elves over human and it is due to Elves having longer life spans. She does not lose her bonded companion as quickly that way. She also has what might considered to be an female Elven personality herself. While she has only done it a few of times in her entire history, she can actually bond with two female wielders. While most of the pairs have been sisters, legend states that one of the pairs were lovers. Even if not bonded, Lady will allow female companions of her wielder to use her when needed. She has the ability to detect females (Probably through Empathy and Telepathy) and will not allow the wielder to use its special abilities against other women except animals and supernatural being such as vampires, demons, witches with gift of union or power, and others that although they have a sex, it really no longer matters. She does not allow the abilities to be used against normal mortal females but will help he fight those females who are beyond a normal's ability to fight. She is very reluctant to allow her possessor to fight other normal women in even conventional combat. While she allows all of her wielders to use her psychic and fire elemental abilities, she only gives the ability of anti-magic cloud and combat boosting in specific cases. She will allow warriors to access her ability to create an anti-magic cloud and will only generally allow a spell caster to access the ability to use the ability if fighting a supernatural creature or something similarly powerful. She will also give the ability to fight in hand to hand with a wielder to those who do have any appreciable hand to hand skills of their own such as female wizards. With warriors, she will take control of them if they are stunned but otherwise they have to rely on their own hand to hand skills. In the cases of an woman with no combat or magical abilities, she will put all of her abilities to use to keep her charge alive.

Lady is considered to a greater rune weapon by most and has the all the normal special abilities for a greater rune weapon and has a greater number special abilities than most rune weapons. She is not a soul drinker and would consider the ability evil. Her two main abilities are those of psychic talents and fire elemental abilities. For psionic talents, she has all sensitive psionic talents and the ability to create a telekinetic force field and the ability of bio-manipulation. For fire warlock abilities, she has the ability to throw fire balls and a host of other abilities. As previous mentioned, she has the ability to create an anti-magic cloud twice per day. She can also help with the fighting ability of a wielder under some conditions.

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