Armor of Temera (Magical Plate Armor):

Legends tell of a heroic warrior maid by the name of Temera. Stories tell of her being incredibly skilled and some tell that she was the greatest warrior whoever lived. While some stories tell that she was a demi-god who's immortal father was a god of warrior, other stories contradict this and stress that she was a mortal human woman with a gift for battle. Most tales place her within the lawless times after the end of the Dwarf and Elf Wars and was said to have fought and killed many servants of evil. Among the legends surrounding her, one is that she is said to have slain the Troll warlord known as "Feldsbane" in single combat. There are almost as many legends about the Troll as there are about her. Stories tell that he was more powerful than any normal Troll ever born and to have literally killed thousands with his giant battle axe. His was said to be virtually invulnerable and have taken on whole armies at the same time. Most scholars believe that if he existed, he must have sold his soul to gain his power. There are many other stories about Temera including stories of hundreds of assassination attempts against her. There are a variety of different stories of her end. One tells of her falling with an assassin's blade in her back while another tells of her losing her life in battle against a rampaging dragon destroying a town she was trying to protect. While most scholars believe that she was an actual person, the question the legitimacy of many of the stories.

Almost as famous as herself, she was said to have an incredible set of plate armor. Some stories tell that the armor was forged by a god for a favor while others tell that the armor was forged by the last Dwarven Alchemist. All of the stories agree that there were few armors like it. Many stories tell of her going on a great quest for the Gods of Light to earn the armor. The armor is said to have disappeared with her death with many legends surrounding the event. One story tells that the armor was stolen by the servants of evil and hidden away where it cannot be found. Another story tells that the armor was hidden away by a group of knights who are even now waiting on a legendary rebirth of the warrior maid. Many adventurers have set out to find the armor but none have succeeded and its location is still unknown. As well, several alchemists have created similar suits of armor although none have been able to completely duplicate her armor's capabilities. Some have tried to pass these copies off as the original armor which has confused the situation further.

Probably the most legendary power of the armor is the ability of the armor to teleport onto her from thousands of miles away. Stories tell of her being ambushed when she was without her armor. Seconds later, she would be protected by the armor and prepared for battle. Also well known is the fact that a large sword blade can be made to come from the right forearm. The blade was said to be extremely well balanced and that she rarely used any other weapon. Stories also tell that the blade was indestructible and extremely sharp. The armor was to feel like it weighed nothing when it was worn and that she would virtually dance while fighting in the armor. The armor appeared to fit her almost like a glove and she was said to have told that the armor would form to fit any woman for a perfect fit. The armor was said to be incredibly strong although not as tough as some other known enchanted plate mails. To compensate for this, the armor was said to regenerate any damage which was inflicted against it. Temera was said to have told that anyone who is a servant of evil who attempts to don the armor will be inflicted with a terrible curse.

In addition to the armor's enchantments, the armor is greatly desired for its beauty. The armor is definitely designed to be worn by a female. The finish on most of the armor is mirrored silver with incredible raised relief all over the armor. The edges of the plates are covered in reliefs of alternating oak and maple leaves. The breast plate of the armor is a raised relief of a unicorn which is incredibly detailed. All of the reliefs of the armor are finished in mirrored gold. The helm of the armor has a long snow white plume which hangs down to abut the middle of the wearer’s back. The forearm blade most closely resembles the blade of a double bladed broad sword which comes to a sharp point for stabbing. The blade's design closely mimics the armor with the edges of the blade being mirrored silver with the center of the blade being a pattern of alternating oak and maple leaves with the pattern in mirrored gold.

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