Armor of the War Dragon (Magical Plate Armor):

This incredible suit of plate is one of the toughest suits of armor ever crafted by a mortal. It is believed to have been forged from the blood of the Dragon Goddess "Zandragal" by one of the greatest Dwarven Armor Makers ever and he is believed to have been one of the last Dwarves who new the secrets of magic. Some believe that the armor was first forged for a wielder of the "Spear of the War Dragon" with a handful of scholars believe the armor was crafted for the very first possessor of the spear. It is true that they share a familiar style of craftsmanship. The armor is believed to be several thousands of years even though the two magic items have never been reunited since the figure who was suppose to have been the first to wear the armor. Over the centuries, it is told that the armor has been worn by some of the greatest heroes the world has known including knights and paladin. Unfortunately, it is also told that some monstrous individuals have worn this armor. Villains who have drenched the land in blond, generals who set themselves up as despots. Rulers who murdered their own subjects by the thousands. The best and the worst have both worn this armor. As might expected, this armor is considered to be worth a fortune and could easily sell for as much as a rune weapon.

The armor is made from bright red metal, not bronze or copper but the color of a fire dragons scales. In the middle of the chest plate of the armor is a dragon engraved in gold. Some scholars say that the figure is that of "Zandragal," the War Dragon. The ends of the armor are also engraved and are gold. The armor is incredibly beautiful. The armor is of the finest quality and the armor appear to fit any wearer, from around five feet tall to almost seven feet in height. It will not size to fit anyone smaller or larger including dwarves on the lower end and ogres on the upper end. The armor enchantment allows it to fit both males and females and fits like a second skin due to the enchantment.

Other enchantments include that the armor is harder to penetrate than any non-enchanted set of plate armor and the armor can withstand an incredible amount of damage. Many scholars tell that it is a property of what the armor is made from. Armor made from the blood of "Zandragal" is suppose to be incredibly tough. Like many enchanted armors, the plate armor is virtually weightless and the wearer of the armor can move almost as if they are wearing no armor at all. Finally, the armor is enchanted so that it will regenerate damage. It is believed that unless the armor is completely wrecked, it will regenerate any amount of damage.

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