Swan Bow (Magical Long Bow):

It is believed that the Swan Bow was crafted for a noble lady several centuries ago. Not many noble ladies ever develop skill in the long bow. Some use short bows for light hunting and can be quite accomplished with them. She was quite atypical in many respects and was suppose to be an expert rider and tracker as well. Of the few that do, most noble ladies who become warriors become knights not rangers. The symbol of her noble house was the swan. While the bow may have been crafted by an Elven master crafts person, the Alchemist who enchanted the weapon is known to have been a human, a female alchemist.

When the original owner died, her house died out with her death. She had never married and had no children. No cadet branched of the family came to claim the estate either. It is unclear what happened to the bow on her death although rumor is that it was stolen by one of her servants. The long bow ended up being passed through many hands over the generations. Not many noble families have long bowman and most of those are Elven. The bow was once carried by an Elven archer and was carried by her for over a century.

Extremely beautiful, the Swan Bow appears to be constructed on some type of snow white wood, not painted white. It is a recurve style with the long bow is decorated in a Swan type motif. On either side of the bow’s and above the arrow shelf is the design of swan feathers with the design of a neck and head of a swan on the front of the bow between the wings. The rest of the bow is worked in a feathering pattern. The bow string appears to be made from some sort of silver string. Even though the bow is centuries old, there is no sign of wear on the white bow and the string never needs to be unstrung.

Like many enchanted bows, the Swan Bow is enchanted so that it adjusts so that the strength of the shooter can be used to full effect. It is extremely well balanced and is made as well as some of the finest bows made by a fine Elven bow crafter. An archer may find his or her shots much better than any conventional bow which they may have used before. Each arrow, when fired, glows with a fine white light. When fired, the arrows appear to inflict additional damage when they strike.

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