Ice Maiden's Tear (Magical Dagger):

There is a legend about this dagger, that it was created by an Alchemist for an extremely cold woman yet extremely beautiful who her had fallen in love with but never returned his love. Some stories tell that he committed suicide while others tell that he killed all those around the woman when he spurned him. Some legends tell that his soul is in the dagger and others tell that the woman's soul got trapped in the weapon when she died. Most stories tell that the weapon is cursed. It is told that men who wield the dagger will find themselves falling head over heels love with an extremely cold woman. Women who possess the dagger seem to become extremely beauty but extremely cold themselves, no matter how friendly they were previously. Even with the stories of the curse, there are some who want the dagger because there are few with their abilities.

The blade of the dagger comes to a stiletto point and is extremely sharp maybe even supernaturally sharp. It is double bladed and the blade curves slightly inward towards the hilt of the dagger. It is polished to a high gloss, almost able to be used as a mirror. The guard is also of an extremely polished metal and is in the design of thorns. The hand itself is carved from snow white ivory and is incredibly intricate. It is carved in the likeness of a woman dressed in robes. The pommel is carved in the likeness of a woman's head, an extremely cold looking but still extremely beautiful woman. Incredibly detailed, in Physical Beauty, the appearance is around that of a P.B. 24 and many people who have studied the weapon think that the figure is the woman who spurned the Alchemist who created the dagger. The dagger shows no signs of wear and is extremely well balanced. There is a snow white ivory scabbard which goes with the dagger and has an intricately carved representation of the same woman who is part of handle of the dagger.

The enchantments of the dagger are fairly uncommon, especially the ability of armor piercing. The weapon will penetrate any armor, enchanted or normal, and the hide of any creature including the hide of dragons. The second is that the blow of the dagger, when activated, will cause numbing cold. This ability can be used up to three times per day. The final enchantment, which is quite common, is that the weapon is indestructable.

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