Golden Staff of the Magi (Rune Staff):

Legends tell that a great many of the rune weapons owned by the gods have been created by the God Thoth. He is said to be the finest rune master ever in the Mega-Verse. It is said that he has forgotten more about rune magic than any other rune master has ever known. Some of the most powerful rune weapons ever created are attributed to him. While it is very hard to rank rune weapons, the Golden Staff of the Magi should be considered one of his finest creations and most scholars consider it to be a greatest rune weapon. Initially, most scholars believed that the staff was one of the Lightbringer weapons which he scattered about the Mega-Verse but most now consider it to be a conventional rune weapons and a very powerful one at that.

Virtually all scholars consider the weapon to have been created by Thoth but otherwise there is very little agreement about the weapon. Some believe that the weapon was created for another god while others believe that the weapon was created for a mortal who served Thoth. The age of the staff is still in doubt as well. Some believe it is tens of thousands of years old while others believe that is was only created at most a couple of thousand years. There appears to be some histories which date back over ten thousand years but the authenticity is questioned and some scholars even question if they refer to the same item. The oldest unquestioned histories are only about two thousand years old and refer to an extremely powerful Wizard using the staff. He seemed to appear from nowhere and never explained where his staff came from. He appeared to be human but lived about four hundred years which lead some to believe he was some kind of demi-god. Others believe he was a Changeling. There is no record of his death but the staff found its way into another's hands and the wizard disappeared. Some believe that the original wielder was killed by the new possessor while others believe that the rune staff was passed to the new wielder. Over the centuries, the staff has been carried by a number of powerful wizards most of whom were also worshipers of Thoth.

The personality inside of the staff seems to be that of a Scholar and Mage. The personality is incredibly intelligent. He will often talk to a wielder about magic and history. The staff considers the history of the staff to be no ones business except the staff and the wielders and has asked all of its wielders not to disclose its history to others. It will allow the wielder to disclose events around specific times just not about the staff itself. As stated, the staff is a Scholar and in many cases, it is impossible to tell if the staff was around during the events or learned of the events from someone else. The staff has been known to have possessors read books for it, especially books on history and magic. The staff will only bond with Wizards or other spell caster which learn their magic from books and they must be very intelligent as well. It might allow another to carry it for a while but would command that it gets passed to one which fits the staffs criterial. As far as morals, the staff actually has little care on that but finds that most individuals of Anarchists, Miscreant, and Diabolic alignments to be too undisciplined for its tastes and finds many Unprincipled to be the same way. It seems to prefer those of Scrupulous and Aberrant alignment over all others. The morals of a Principled individual just seem to get in the say at times so they are rarely bonded with as well.

The material which the Golden Staff of the Magi is constructed from is not like that most rune weapons are made from. The staff appears to be made from polished gold although it weighs what one would expect from a normal quarterstaff instead of what one would expect from being constructed from solid gold. The staff is indestructible and never tarnish. The length of the staff is covered with small hieroglyphics. Hidden inside of the hieroglyphics are tiny runes. The head of the staff is in an Ankh pattern which is also covered in small hieroglyphics with embedded tiny runes. Even though unusual in design, the staff is well balanced for fighting and is a very dangerous melee weapon.

While many other rune weapons can also cast Wizard spells, the Golden Staff of the Magi seems to have twice as many spells as would normally be expected for a rune weapon with wizard abilities. The spells seem to be of a higher power than is normally expected and the magic staff has a huge amount of magical energy available to it. What is most incredible is that the magical energy can be shared with the wielder once bonded. Due to the staff's large amount of energy, many spells which can only be attempted during certain conditions can now be performed by the Wizard and the staff with no additional help. No spells which require permanent magic energy cannot use energy from the staff for the permanent magical energy. The appearance of the staff is very distinctive but the staff can transform itself so it looks like a standard wooden walking stick. While in this form, the staff appears to magical and psychic senses to be a normal wooden staff. Even so, the staff can transform instantly back to its magical form.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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