Shield of the Valkyrie (Greater Holy Shield):

Od, the head of the Northern Pantheon, has a group of female warriors called Valkyries. They are suppose to appear on battlefields to bring the dead up to Odguard. They are depicted in heavy armor often with winged helmets. They often are seen riding a Pegasus. Some scholars believe that this shield was made before the dawn of time for one of these female warriors and simply found its way to mortal hands. Others suggest that the shield is suppose to find its way into the hands of a warrior maid who's destiny it is to become one of Od's female warriors when she passes on.

While there is no way to be sure if any of the legends are true, there are stories about a shield which appears to be this item since at least the time which the elves ruled the world and possibly long before. Virtually all of the wielders of the shield have been lady warriors. Some have been mercenaries while others have been knights. There have been a few priestesses although virtually no practitioners of magic or powerful psychics. The priestesses, as might be expected, were all extremely martial in their views. Almost all creeds have been represented by the women who have carried this shield although few have been what can be considered true evil. Some have been extremely honorable while others have been what might be considered more practical in nature.

In design, the Shield of the Valkyrie is a round shield which is burnished silver in color and never seems to tarnish. In fact, the shield shows no signs of the ages which it has been known to exist. In the center of the shield is a winged horse, a Pegasus. Along the rim of the shield are northern type runes which dedicate the shield to the god Od. The shield is extremely well balanced for parrying and some think that the shield itself was made by Belimar before being blessed by Od.

The shield can be used as a shield by anyone, male or female, but most of the special abilities of the shield only appear to work for a woman in possession of the shield. The enchantments appear those of a greater holy weapon although are more defensive than many holy artifacts. When evil gets near the shield, especially when within a couple of dozen feet, the shield takes on a blood red tinge. This ability works if the possessor is male or female, or even if not even being wielded at all. Any female wielder will find themselves more resistant to magic and the horror sometimes which might seize a person in battle. The shield can be held in the air by a woman and demons and devils find it extremely difficult not to be repelled by the power of the shield. The final ability which the shield gives a female wielder is the ability to heal by touch.

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