Fire Dragon Bow (Magical Short Composite Bow):

This bow is actually believed to be a relatively new magic item, only a couple of dozen years old, created by one of the most skilled alchemists currently in the Western Empire. It is extremely interesting in that it seems to combine different kinds of magic. The Elven alchemist live near the capital of the Western Empire in his own manor which is effectively a palace. He has a team of master crafts people making the items. It is believed that it was created for an extremely wealthy adventurer. It is unknown if the alchemist will create additional bows of the same style. One problem is that because the alchemist is extremely popular, there are he already has taken commissions for the next several years. As well, he is known to charge far more than standard commission prices.

A work of art, it is almost impossible to tell what the bow is made out of because it is indestructible. It does not feel like metal or wood. The material is extremely dark red in color. It might be some kind of horn or bone. The design is intricate however. The top grip flare appears to be in the design of a dragon head looking downwards. Eyes of the dragon are inlaid and under the head of the dragon are a pair of claws which holds what appears to be a crystalline sphere. Under the sphere is the arrow rest. The upper stave starts with a pair of spiral horns of the dragon and otherwise continues. The bottom grip flare is in the design of the dragon's body with a pair of feet under the body. Under it, the bow stave appears to be the tail of the dragon. The string of the bow itself appears to be of some sort of black material. Between the upper and lower flared portions of the hand grip is relatively narrow and appears to be wrapped in leather.

Even though bow is a work of art, the short bow is extremely well balanced and accurate, equal to the finest weapons made by an Elven bow maker. An archer will find themselves able to get the best out of this bow, their arrows being extremely accurate.

As with many enchanted bows, the bow adjusts to the strength of the archer using the bow. A strong archer will find their arrows penetrating deeper than one who is less strong. Even so, the bow inflicts even greater damage than one might expect. Arrows will What makes the bow even more spectacular is that the bow can be commanded up to three times per day to surround the arrow with fire. When fired, the arrow inflicts greater damage to those who are not impervious to fire. Effectively, the arrows are twice as effective. Unless the arrow itself is impervious to fire, the arrow is consumed by the fire. If they are impervious to fire, the arrows will burn for several minutes before going out.

The crystal is extremely interesting in that it acts as an "Eye of the Eagle." There is a small peep hole that lets one see into the sphere. It makes so that targets that are thousands of feet away are crystal clear and aids to an archers accuracy at long range.

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