Glynleth’s Armor (Enchanted Plate and Chain):

It is believe that this armor was made many centuries before the great war between the elves and dwarves. Scholars believe that it was made by one of the finest elven armorer, rivaling the most skilled dwarven armorers in skill. Some ancient tomes indicate that it was originally crafted for an elven ranger by the name of Glynleth although there is some dispute. Still, that is the name that the armor is generally given.

It was said to have passed through his family line for many generations. As with a great many heirlooms, the armor was lost during the war. It is commonly believed that the last member of the line died in battle and the armor was lost at the same time. The armor remained lost for many thousands of years. In general, it was considered a relatively minor item and there was not all that much interest in discovering it.

Not until relatively recently was the armor rediscovered. A group of adventurers traveling in the wilderness of the Eastern Kingdom found some elven ruins dating from around the fall of the elven kingdom. In there, they are suppose to have found the armor along with a number of other artifacts. It has been suggested that the armor was found still being worn by an ancient elven skeleton.

As with many elven armors, the armor is a work of art. It is a suit of plate and chain armor of the finest quality. However, it does lack the gaudiness of many suits of armor. On the armor are the designs of vines and leaves. The armor, both the plates and chain parts, are enameled in green with the base being a lighter green and the vines and leaves a darker green. The chains which attach the armor together are also a darker green.

Even though it is believed to have been made by elves, it is equal to the finest suits of armor made by the dwarves and is incredibly strong. Otherwise, it is not believed that the armor has any enchantments strengthening it further as many enchanted armors are.

This does not mean that the armor does not have some pretty incredible enchantments. One of these is that the armor repairs itself. The armor itself looks like it might have been made yesterday even though it believed to have been involved in countless battles. Another is that the armor is weightless and it restricts a wearer very little compared to a normal set of plate and chain armor. The armor is also noiseless where a wearer can prowl without the armor potentially giving the wearer away. Finally, the armor has the ability to completely blend with the environment. While most effective when the wearer is not moving, the wearer can most slowly and still blend with the environment.

A.R. Rating: 16 S.D.C.: 180 Weight: Effectively weightless

Special Features: Equal to dwarven Construction (20% greater S.D.C.), Additional Armor (+50 S.D.C. but increase weight by 40 lbs)


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