Crystal Rose (Magical Sabre):

The Crystal Rose is one of the most beautiful magic swords on the Palladium World. Like a great many of the magic items created from crystal, it is reputed to have been created by the Elven Alchemist named Eldron. No one really knows what happened to him although there are stories that he has settled in secret on the Elven Island of Refriume. This may be simply rumor and there are no magic items which can be conclusively tied to him which have been created which are younger than two hundred years. Several other crystalline items which he is famous for include Staff of the Phoenix, the Blue Crystal Swords, and Crystal Fire. Many of his secrets with enchanting crystalline magic items have been lost and as time goes on, his magic items have become more and more valuable.

While Crystal Rose is generally considered to be one of his relatively minor works, it is an absolute work of art and one of the finest creations of the Alchemist. Of course, the great value and beauty of the crystal artifacts has caused them to be greatly coveted by thieves and theft is a major problem. Crystal Rose is no exception and has been stolen several times by thieves although it has been recovered each time.

As previously stated, the Crystal Rose is one of the most beautiful magic swords ever created. The slim single bladed sword appears to have been crafted from a single piece of crystal although it has several colors running through it. The design on the weapon is highly complex with the design of roses flowers running up the sides of the blade tied together with vines. In addition, the sword has a round hand guard with the design of roses and vines around the top. The handle of the sword is in the pattern of vines which is highly decorative yet also makes for an excellent grip. Finally, the pommel is in the design of a single rose. The basic weapon is made from essentially clear crystal with a slightly milky quality to it. Still, the blade can be clearly seem through. The rose decorations are in pink crystal although there appears to be no seam between the different colors of crystal and the vines are the same clear crystal as the rest of the weapon. Even with the decorative nature of the weapon, it is still extremely functional with a sharp tip for stabbing and is extremely well balanced.

Like most of Eldron's creations, Crystal Rose is balanced as well as the finest swords made by Dwarven weapon smiths and is incredibly sharp. The long sword never dulls and the incredible sharpness is partially due to the high quality construction and due to additional enchantments. As might be expected, the crystal sword is enchanted to be indestructible and never dull. Otherwise, it is likely that the blade would shatter the first time it is used as a weapon.

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