Ring of Poison (Enchanted Ring):

A favorite magic item of assassin and evil nobles, the ring magically produces poison. As might be expected, these rings are most commonly found in the Western Empire. Of course, there rings are officially illegal in many areas and some areas proscribe death for individuals caught with the ring. The most common poisons are those which are ingested. These rings are often highly decorated and are usually gold or silver and usually have a large gem in them. Similar to non-magical rings which are used to carry poison, the gem is usually fitted on a hinge which reveals the poison compartment. On the magical rings, a command word is given and the poison appears in the compartment. The poison is then usually dumped into the drink or food of the target. The ring can create poison up to three times per day. Common poisons include Hemlock, Nightshade, Mandrake, Dragon's Venom, and Viper. There is an alternative version of the ring which produces salt for use against changelings.

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