Flaming Phoenix Armor (Magical Plate Armor):

Of well known magic armors, the Flaming Phoenix Armor is of comparatively recent creation. The armor was created by the Alchemist Dardain for a very wealthy knight. Most consider the armor to be the Elven Alchemist's master work but unlike most legendary alchemists, he is still alive and practicing his craft within the Western Empire. He has crafted several other extraordinary armors but none most consider to compare to the Flaming Phoenix Armor. Several other alchemists have crafted similar armors to the Flaming Phoenix Armor but few are considered to be the equal of the armor in beauty. The knight was legendary in his time and was known to be an incredible warrior. He had also gone on several quests and had managed to acquire a huge fortune. The son of the knight who was the original owner inherited the plate armor upon his father's death. Unfortunately, the knight's son was little more than a dandy and certainly was not the great knight his father was. He also lacked any political savvy and could not manage very well the moneys which he had inherited from his father. He soon found himself on the outs with most of the other nobles and had squandered virtually his entire inheritance within just a few years. As a result, all of his assets were seized including his father's fabulous armor. Since then, the armor has drifted through a variety of hands including having been stolen twice. Each time the armor was stolen, there was a major quest to get it back. The plate armor is very prized and would likely sell for a fortune if sold.

The Flaming Phoenix Amor is one of the most beautiful sets of plate armor ever crafted. The plate armor is exquisitely crafted and highly articulated. The armor is designed to be very strong as well and appears to be of Dwarven craftsmanship. Each of the plates the armor is constructed from is engraved and enameled with designs of flames. The central design of the breastplate is a phoenix with the wings outstretched as if it in flight. The design of the phoenix is raised more than the other designs and is incredibly detailed. The armor is enameled in reds, oranges, yellows, and whites. The design of the firebird is also done in bright colors but instead is done in metallic colors such as silver, golds, bronzes, and metallic reds. The right forearm is thinker than the other forearm and a broadsword like blade can be extended from the right forearm. The sword blade is undecorated unlike the rest of the armor. The weapon is double edged and is sharp pointed for better stabbing attacks. The blade is incredibly well balanced and is very sharp.

Probably the best known ability and most powerful enchantment is the ability to burst into flames. The flame gives additional protection and physical attacks from the wearer inflicts additional damage with the aura of flame is activated. These include punches, kicks, and attacks using the retractable forearm blade. The armor itself regenerates damage which is inflicted against it. Several times in its history, the armor was badly damaged but regenerated until no signs of being damaged could be seen and the armor looked like it was new again. The armor has almost been destroyed several times and would likely have not survived if it had not been for its ability to repair itself. It has been assumed that if the armor is destroyed, it will no longer regenerate damage. The retractable blade itself shows no signs of wear and appears to be indestructible. The sword blade can be extended or retracted on mental command. The advantage of having an armor with a built in blade that can be ready any time which the wearer needs to blade and the wearer of the armor cannot be disarmed. Like many enchanted armors, the armor is virtually weightless and the wearer can move in the armor as if they ar wearing normal cloths not heavy armor.

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