Estelm “Longbow of Cirga” (Greater Holy Longbow):

As well as Heim, Cirga is know as a patron of archers. Compared to her however, he has comparatively few worshipers on the Palladium World. Even so, he is far more of a warrior deity than she is. There are comparatively few holy weapons tied to him. One of these is a long bow called “Estelm” although it is also know simply as the “Longbow of Cirga.”

The story most commonly told about this bow is that it was made for a ranger in the mists of time, many thousands of years ago. In a similar story to Cirga himself, the ranger was in love with a lady knight who simply could not see his affection and considered him to be just a good friend and companion. There are several different endings of the story. Some where she finally realized and they married. Other stories where the both died on the battlefield. His last act was to try to grab her hand but could never quite reach it. Finally, there are a few where she found out and spurned him. Which story might be the real one or if nether is right, nobody really knows.

The bow is extremely prized by archers, both longbowman and rangers. Few bows in the Palladium world are its equal. Over the millenniums, some of the most renowned and skilled archers have carried this weapon dedicated to Cirga. While many have been his worshiper, not all have been. Many of the possessors of this holy weapon have been human but a number have been elves as well.

The bow is a slim longbow made from golden wood. While a beautiful weapon, it is still relatively ordinary looking. The string on the bow looks like a normal string, the wood of the wood looks like normal materials, and there is little in the way of decoration. The only decoration is a single sugar maple leaf design engraved above the arrow rest on each side of the bow. Only other item that most will notice is that the bow shows not signs of wear and appears to be pretty much indestructible. Just like the bow itself, the string appears as if it is a new strng with no sign of wear.

As Cirga is a master archer, one would expect the weapon to be a master weapon. It is and one finds themselves shooting better than they had with any conventional bow. In addition, the archer will find themselves able to fire faster than they could before. Will also find themselves running faster. The bow appears to adjust to the strength of an archer. In addition, each arrow will sink deeper than one could explain just by the strength of the archer. Against supernatural creatures, these arrows are even more effective. Finally, while one is holding the bow and not moving, they are affected as if a chameleon spell was cast on them. Makes for a fantastic ambush.

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