Fire Cloaks (Enchanted Cloak):

Special magical cloaks which burst into fire when the command word is give. The ability is similar to Eighth Level Fire Warlock spell "Burst into Flame" and the wearer is completely unaffected by the ability. The enchantments cannot be combined with other enchantments. The enchantments are commonly put on Robes instead of Cloaks. Popular colors include red and black. These magical cloaks are extremely rare especially the greater version of the cloak. Only a handful of Alchemists know how to enchant the cloaks. The cloak are greatly prized by nobles, wizards, and other adventuring types.

Burst into Flame: The cloak bursts into enchanted flames with a duration of 12 minutes each time activated. The magical flame adds an addition 100 S.D.C. (M.D.C. in Rifts) which all damage is taken from first. If the wearer of the cloak is not wearing armor, they are protected with an A.R. Rating of 12. If the wearer is wearing armor, The armor's A.R. Rating is also increased by two points. As well, any touch on the armor inflicts 3D6 damage and has a 50% chance of catching combustible materials on fire. The wearer is unaffected by their own flames and can see clearly. Wearer is not effected by normal fire while the enchantment is active and takes half damage from magical fire.

Lesser Fire Cloak These cloaks are consumed by the enchantment with them turning into ash when the spell elapses. Still, they are much less expensive than the greater fire cloak.
Cost: 4,000 Gold

Greater Fire Cloak: Unlike the lesser Fire Cloak, the greater fire cloak is not consumed when it is ignited and can be used multiple times. The cloak itself is impervious to fire but has no other enchantments. The enchantment can be activated once per day. The greater fire cloaks are often highly decorated and more expensive.
Cost: 50,000 Gold

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