Taktar the Demon Scepter (Holy Mace of Evil):

There are many well known Holy Weapons dedicated to the Gods of Light. As well, there are weapons dedicated to the Dark Gods and Demon Lords. One of those goes by the name Taktar. There are many different stories about who created the Dark Holy Weapon. The actual maker of the weapon is unknown, some scholars believe that the weapon was made by Modius himself while others believe it was made by Succor-Bemoth. Stories about the weapon seem to go back thousands of years. The weapon has been wielded by several powerful witches and high priests of darkness. Knights who serve the dark also seem to be popular bearers of this weapon. The blood of many famous heroes in known to have stained this evil weapon. Several times the weapon has been stolen from those who serve darkness but each time it has resurfaced in the hands of another. One who serves the Demon Lords will get a premonition and will seek out the weapon. They will be given promises of power as their reward for recovering the evil artifact. It appears that the Demon Lord who created the scepter protects his own.

In appearance, Taktar is a matt black mace / scepter with the head of the weapon in the shape of a misshapen skull, perhaps a demon skull, which is topped with sharp jutting horns. There is an evil cast to the skull on top of the weapon which seems to chill those who look at it carefully and the skull appears to grinning. Sometimes if one looks at the weapon through the corner of their eyes, it appears that the eyes sockets are glowing but when the look at it directly, they appear to be dark. The handle of the mace is intricately carved with what appear to be the figures of demons. The material of the weapon feels like it is metal although many scholars think the weapon is made from bone. There is the rumor that the weapon is constructed from the bone of another demon who crossed the maker of the weapon. There is also the story that the weapon is constructed from the bone of a devil which the demon slew in battle in their endless wars between demons and devils. The real truth is unknown, perhaps only know to the demon who created the weapon.

Like many enchanted or holy weapons, the Mace itself is incredibly well balanced and feels like it was crafted by an incredibly skilled Dwarven Weapon Smith. It feels like it fits in the hand of the wielder like it was made for them. Even though the weapon is known to be many of thousands of years old and has been used in more battles than one can count, there is no sign of wear on the weapon. Taktar seems to be a greater holy weapon and has four powers common to that type of weapon. The first is that the weapon appears to inflict far more damage than one might expect from a normal mace. The weapon appears to also inflict greater damage against supernatural beings than it does against normal beings. These are fairly common enchantments carried by both Holy Weapons of Light and of Dark. Almost a parody of the enchantment of many Holy Weapons of Light to turn the undead, the scepter has the ability to animate and control the dead. The final enchantment is that the scepter can be held aloft and terror will be created in all those around. The people will hear what sounds like a scream or roar. It does not seem to be an audible sound but more psychic in nature, attacking the mind directly. The weapon has no psychic abilities beyond this one. While it does not effect the possessor of the weapon, this ability seems to effect friend or foe alike with often everybody around the wielder will flee from the immediate area.

There are rumors of curses on the weapon but there is nothing concrete. Most scholars consider it unlikely that the weapon is actually cursed. As well, while the weapon does have an aura of supernatural evil, anyone (evil, selfish, or good) can actually use this weapon although generally people of good alignment will avoid the weapon unless to hide it.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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