Enchanted Perfume of Charismatic Aura
[Magic Potions, Fumes, and Gasses]:

This perfume is far more powerful than standard enchanted perfumes but have a far shorter duration as well as being much more expensive. Still, the duration is greater than the spell normally is. With a duration of around thirty minutes, it is normally useful for a single conversation. Usually, one will put the perfume on just before meeting with people.

Those under the effects of the enchantment need to save against magic in order to not be effected by the perfume. Does not effect the person who is wearing the perfume. The perfume has the exact effects of the enchantment set when created. As with the spell, there are three available effects - these are friendship or trust, power or fear, and finally deception. It is not recommended to mix the different types of perfume - Game master determine effects of mixing perfumes but generally they will backfire when mixed.

These perfumes are available in a variety of different scents, both for women and men. Many nobles and the wealthy use perfumes so there is little to remark about them. The only case where somebody might notice somebody is that there will be a slight aura of magic in a radius of around 60 feet around the person wearing the perfume.

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