“Ward Scored” Studded Leather of the Ranger
(“Ward Scored” Monster Hide):

Cheaper than normal enchanted armor, “Ward Scored” armor is quite popular. They are considered almost as effective as enchanted armor and can have similar properties. The reason why these armors are cheaper is that while normal enchanted armor requires the skills of an Alchemist, these can be made by combining ward magic with conventional magic. This can be done by a ward master who is versed in wizard magic as well or a ward mater working beside a normal wizard and combining their magic. There are many cases of both. It is a way that some make money when not in the pursuit of other interests

One of the better known and more popular is "Studded Leather of the Ranger." As the title might suggest, it is quite popular with rangers. Still, it is popular with many others at home in the wilderness. In addition, the armor is popular among some thieves and assassins as well. As far as cost, the ward scored studded leather costs less than a quarter of what a suit of conventional enchanted armor with similar enchantment would likely cost. One who cannot afford normal enchanted armor might very well decide to purchase one of these suits instead.

To make the suits tougher than a standard suit of studded leather, the armor is made from the hide of one of a number of supernatural creatures. Common creatures used include Beast Dragon, Chimera, Peryton, and the Manticore. Rarely is the hide of dragons or that of supernatural creatures of human level intelligence. The studded leather is as hard to penetrate as chain mail and is three times tougher than chain mail. The suits are reinforced with extra material which would normal make the suit heavier than a normal suit of studded leather. One of the few problems with these suits is because of the use of exotic hides, the armor is usually repaired through magic. This is often more expensive than by conventional means.

While there is some adjustment able to be done by tightening and loosening laces, these suits are generally fitted to the wearer. Often they fit like a second skin and minimizes the suit's restriction on the wearer’s movement. The suits are reinforced by metal studs to further strengthen it. Effectively the armor is full body with both a jerkin and leggings. There is also a reinforced leather helm to protect the head. When worn, the only part visible of the wearer will be the face.

As is standard with such suits, the suit has to have a dragon bone plaque with a permanency ward to hold the enchantments. The permanency ward makes the plaque indestructible although not the whole armor. Usually this plaque is on the back of the armor although in some cases it will be on one shoulder. The two major enchantments are “Weightlessness” and “Chameleon.” Both enchantments only directly effect the armor not the wearer. Of course having a suit of armor that weighs effective nothing does a lot to reduce movement penalties further. As well, since the suit covers the wearer almost completely, the chameleon enchantment makes the wearer extremely hard to see if not moving or moving extremely slowly.

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