Flaming Star (Magical Throwing Star):

These magic items were first seen only about a hundred of so years ago. Most scholars do not believe that they are of ancient creation; however, no modern alchemists claim to know how to create them. It is believed by most scholars that they were an invention of a single alchemist who never revealed his secrets.

Still, the alchemist appears to have made quite a few a number of them, perhaps even in the hundreds. As such, even though they are most likely no longer made, there is a fair number of them. Still, they are popular and are fairly expensive.

When not thrown, these stars appear to be simple reddish bronze disks about three inches wide and about a quarter of an inch thick. Due to their small size, they are relatively easy to conceal. On the top and bottom of the disk are the symbols of the element of fire. Otherwise, there are a set of eight deep grooves along the sides of the disk.

When thrown, eight flaming blades appear out of the sides of the disk from the grooves, making it appear to be a star. Once the flaming star reaches it target, wether it hits or misses, it returns to the thrower. Just before it reaches the hand of the thrower, the flaming blades appear to retract. When caught, the disk is actually cool to the touch even though on fire moments before.

The flaming star does not make an effective melee weapon. Still, it is extremely well balanced for throwing. The star can be thrown up to 120 feet away.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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