Bracer of Many Blades (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

Lady Shadow found herself chained to the wall in a cell after being captured by the merchant guards. They had not done anything yet, but she knew what was coming if she could not get out of the cell. While searching her, their hands had lingered over certain areas. Still, they had done a thorough job of taking away all of her weapons, or so they thought. She still had a secret up her sleeve, literally. She flicked her right wrist and a set of lock picks dropped into her hands. A few minutes later, she had her manacles off. She set to work on the lock on her cell. Obviously, the merchant had gotten the cheapest lock her could find or had been cheated because it took mere seconds to pick the lock. She was out but now had to head for the roof to escape and maybe take a detour to get her gear back. As she started trying to sneak out, a guard noticed her. Noting that she was unarmed, he did not raise an alarm but instead states suggestively "So, you have come out for a little company?" She stepped back appearing to be scared but flicked the wrist of her right hand and a dagger dropped into her hand. She threw the dagger straight into his chest. The dagger sunk deep into his chest and she dropped another dagger into her hand. She charged him, slashing at his throat. He went down in a fountain of blood. Well, hopefully she would have no more encounters like this she thought while putting her daggers back into the secret compartment.

This magic item is similar to the Bottomless Quiver which is well known from the Western Empire. What it looks like is a simple soft leather bracer, usually fairly plain. They are usually brown or black with no decoration although there have been some which were highly decorated or even included precious metals or stones. The special enchantment is that dagger sized blades can be contained within the dagger in a dimensional pocket while not being visible on the outside and the bracer appears normal. Often time, a wearer can be searched and the bracer will not be found unless a search for magic or dimensional pockets is done. These bracers are especially popular with Thieves, Assassins, and Wizards who do not want to appear to be armed or have some weapons in reserve.

The leather bracer can carry up to sixteen dagger sized blades which a special flick of the wrist causes a dagger to come into the wearers hand. There is a special flick which cases the blade to fall into the hand ready to uses in melee combat and another which the dagger will be in the throwing position. Daggers will drop down in the same order which they are put into the bracer and a special dagger cannot be pulled out of order.

There is a specialized version often known as the "Bracer of the Thief" which contains an additional compartment within the dimensional which is designed to carry lock picks and other small thieves tools. Yet another flick of the wrists will drop the thieves tools into the hand of the wearer. The flick is such that it can even be done if the wearers hands are tied or shackled.

Cost: Bracer of Many Blades: 30,000 Gold, Bracers of the Thief: 45,000 Gold

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