Ice Arrows (Magical Arrows):

These magic arrows are most commonly found in the Western Empire where alchemists know the secrets of how to make these arrows but can be found all over the Palladium World where they are extremely popular with archers. These arrows are incredibly expensive, especially in lands outside the Western Empire, and as a result archers who possess these arrows are extremely careful with them. After battle, they will search the entire battlefield in an attempt to recover them. Even the most wealthy of archers is lucky to possess a single one of these arrows but a handful of archers actually carry one or two. A common tactic with these arrows is to fire it as the first attack against an opponent, especially an extremely dangerous one, and follow it up with normal arrows.

The arrows are almost always completely white, white wood and feathers, which acts to identify them from other arrows in the archer's quiver. The arrows are usually banded with four hands of silver near the fletching. As well, the head of the arrow, which comes in various styles including broad head and a four pointed head, are gleaming silver. A handful of arrows are a bit different and are believed to have been made by the alchemist Eldron, or possibly one of his apprentices, and instead the head of the arrow appears to be made from ice. They are actually constructed from clear crystal.

The main enchantment on the arrow can be activated up to three times per day. This enchantment makes the next person hit by the arrow be effected by numbing cold. This numbing cold greatly effects the being struck and they suffer several penalties and are greatly slowed. When the enchantment is activated, the arrowhead appears to be covered in frost and cold can be felt emanating from it. The arrow seems able to penetrate armor, no matter how thick it is, like it is made from paper. Finally, these arrows appear to be indestructible and never seem to show wear even when someone tries to mangle the fletching of them. Like most arrows, these are of the finest quality and are extremely well balanced and sharp.

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