The Wytch (Rune Throwing Star):

A very interesting rune weapon, the Wytch cannot be considered one of the most powerful rune items and is considered to be a lesser rune weapon by most. Many rune weapons have legends going back hundreds to thousands of years. This is not the case with the Wytch with the first stories about the rune weapon being less than a century ago. There is the suggestion that the rune item did not even come from the Palladium World but came from another world. The first known owner of the weapon was a mercenary soldier, highly skilled with the use of the throwing star. He always called the weapon the "Wytch" but never elaborated on what the name might mean. Since then, the rune item has been possessed by a number of adventurers.

The Wytch does not have a strong personality and is fairly quiet generally. Only bits of the background of the weapon are known with images of battle. The rune weapon will sometimes give suggestions in battle to the possessor. It is very practical in its suggestions to possessors. There is some suggestion that the soul enshrined in the weapon is an old grizzled soldier but there is nothing concrete to support this. The rune weapon will not allow itself to be possessed by those who are evil or those who only care for themselves although it appears to have an affinity for those who do not have strong senses of honor either.

In appearance, the Wytch is a basic star design with five projections from the center. The star appears to be made from blue grey metal with a slight sheen to the metal. The Wytch is larger than most throwing stars with a diameter of around eight inches. Each of the projections from the center are highly detailed pattern of feathered wings. The center of the star in a ring design with runes running around the rim. On the tip of each point, is an incredibly sharp curved blade able to cut through virtually anything. While in flight, the throwing star spins continuously at high speed. While incredibly well balanced for throwing, the star is not designed to be used as a melee weapon.

The rune weapon is in many ways a simple rune weapon except for its single exceptional power. The wielder can throw the star up to two hundred feet distant and the star will continue to attack until mentally commanded to return by the wielder. It can be targeted to different target by mental command as well. A wielder can also throw the star and it will fly up to a thousand feet away from the thrower and then return. When thrown against a distant target, the star cannot continue attacking. As all rune weapons, the Wytch is indestructible and the rune weapon has the standard abilities of a rune weapon.

Author Note: This weapon can be used in Rifts as a standard Splugorth creation at game master's option.

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