Bracers of the Hawk (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

These bracers are many centuries old, not ancient like some known magic items but still respectable in age. Legends tell the items were made by a female Alchemist who specialized in the creation of magic items related to archery and archers. In addition to these bracers, there are several enchanted bows and arrows attributed to her.

In total, there are believed to have been a total of four of these bracers created. There are rumors of a few lost bracers but still only a handful were ever created. Over the centuries, many Alchemists have tried to copy these bracers without success. Some of the enchantments are similar to enchantments on other magic items but none have ever been able to combine the enchantments.

As with many enchanted items, these items are works of art. No two are exactly alike but are similar in there. Different ones look to be made of silver, bronze, or gold. The theme of each is based on their namesake and have the design of a hawk on the bracer itself. Each hawk design is different although at least one is more of a falcon design. Even though centuries old, none of these bracers show any sign of wear. As with many other magic items, these bracers appear to be completely indestructible.

While the bracers were created for the use of archers primarily, they are as useful to somebody using crossbows, throwing javelins, and even theoretically using firearms. When one wears the bracer, they will find themselves their prowess increased. Running speed is also increased. Beyond even that, the person will find themselves more accurate with all ranged weapon. Speed is increased as well, the wearer able to attack more often. This enchantment cannot be combined with “Gauntlets of Quick Hands.”

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