Cinder Axe (Enchanted Battle Axe):

While many warriors prefer swords, one should not discount axes are being incredible effective weapons. The axe which has become known as the “Cinder Axe” is believed to be less than a hundred years old, a comparatively new enchanted artifact. There are some stories which indicate that the weapon was made by a dwarven alchemist, a rogue among dwarves with their injunction against learning the mystical arts. Most scholars dismiss the stories but they still persist. It has been owned by a variety of owners since it first appeared with a number of owners having been rangers.

Even though an incredible magic weapon, there is something almost crude about the appearance of this magic weapon. The handle is slightly bent in appearance and it appears to be completely wrapped in dark leather. Most likely it is some kind of monster hide leather. Single bladed, the head of the weapon is forged from a red black metal and appears as well to be crudely forged. In fact, the metal does not appear to be smoothly polished but instead rough. Opposite the blade of the weapon, there is a sharp spike meant to penetrate armor.

Interestingly, even with the almost crude appearance of the battle axe, the enchanted weapon is exquisitely balanced and is the equal to the finest weapons forged by Dwarven weapon smiths. A warrior wielding the weapon will find it to be among the finest weapons which they might ever wield. Some suggest that the weapon was forged with its crude appearance so that it is not likely to be stolen whiles others think that the creator just wanted the axe to look unusual.

As far as enchantments, the most significant is that the axe can be made to burst into flames up to three times per day. When on fire, the axe inflicts far greater damage than it does normally. In fact when burning, the axe is as dangerous as many rune weapons. Each time activated, it has a duration of twelve minutes. Even when not active, the weapon is quite effective and appears to inflict greater damage than one might expect. Similar to many enchanted weapons, the battle axe appears to be completely indestructible.

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