Tarnished Knight (Enchanted Plate and Chain Armor):

There are tales about a knight dressed in a suit of armor of various description, some say chain, other plate and chain, and some argue plate armor. In all fo these stories however, the armor is said to be in poor condition, almost scrap. The armor is said to be rusted and frayed. Often in these stories, the knight is an older man, white haired and past his peak.

The knight encounters a dark knight, a group of bandits, or some monster. A battle commences, as one might expect. Those fighting the knight underestimate the apparently badly armored figure only to find that their weapons just glance off the armor. After a long battle, the knight comes out victorious although in a few stories the knight does die in the end.

The best and most scholarly studies on this armor indicate that the armor known as “Tarnished Knight” is a suit of plate and chain armor. Contrary to the majority of stories, not all fo the wearers of the armor have been knights or paladins. In fact, many have been common mercenaries. The exact origin of the armor is unknown but it is believed to at least be several hundred years old.

Most sets of enchanted armor are works of art with many being highly adorned. This makes sense in that it is often the wealthy nobles who can actually afford to commission enchanted armors. Otherwise, the armors that are not considered works of armor are generally plain, often black, but still of the finest quality. This are more common among wealthy adventurers and high ranking military officers who can afford to commission to have armor made.

There are various suggestions on why this armor might have been made. It very well might have been commissioned specially. It has also been argued that the alchemist might have gotten his or her fill of making decorative armors for the wealthy. The final is that the armor was made simply to see if it could be made. Could an armor be made that looks scrap yet is one of the finest armors ever made. Many alchemists and armorers have looks at this armor and marveled at it.

When worn, the armor seems to fit perfectly, adjusting subtly to the wearer. In addition, the armor is extremely lightweight, weighing basically nothing. One fighting in this armor will find themselves virtually unencumbered in spite of how the armor actually looks.

Otherwise, the armor is extremely tough and is able to withstand far more damage than any normal suit of plate and chain armor. Many times, the armor has been abused to the point where any normal suit of armor would have been destroyed. In addition, and the most fantastic feature of the armor, is that it will regenerate any damage done to it.

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