Moonbane (Lightbringer Rune Sabre):

This Lightbringer weapon is well know among Werewolf hunters as an incredibly effective weapon against them. Often the possessors of this enchanted sword are ones who have been wrong by Were Creatures including many who have had their family slain by fell creatures.

In a similar vein, werewolves and similar shape shifters fear this weapon as much as it is treasured by those who hunt them. If a Werewolf sees one wielding the weapon, they will usually either attack in rage or flee as fast as they possibly can. The appearance is distinctive enough that one can fairly readily recognize the weapon. There are a number of lesser Werewolf slaying weapons but none known are similar enough to create confusion.

As with many similar weapons, the origins of this weapon are obscure. This has not stopped various scholars from speculating of course. There are some fragmentary stories of a magic sword used to hunt werewolves during the height of the Great Elven Kingdom which some scholars speculate is this weapon. More recently, there are stories going back hundreds of years of this weapon.

The appearance of this Lightbringer weapon is extremely interesting. At the base of the blade, there is a silver moon. This moon waxes and wanes with the real moon. This helps the wielder judge how much in the thrall of the moon werewolves and similar creatures might be. Otherwise, the curved blade is jet black covered in design in silver of stars. The handle also to be from silver and the hand guard appears to be the design of a pair of wolf claws coming together. There is no sign of wear on either the blade or handle. As well, the silver on the weapon never seems to tarnish.

In general, the weapon does not seem to have a particularly strong personality however the weapon has an incredible hatred for all Were Creatures although werewolves in particular. The weapon does not seem to be particularly discriminating against those whose are not actually evil. The weapon is also not real picky about who it will bond with and will bond with those of principled, scrupulous, unprincipled, and even aberrant alignments.

As with most enchanted weapons, Moonbane is extremely well balanced, equal to the finest weapons crafted by Dwarven weapon crafters. Some wielders have described the weapon as being almost like an extension of their arm.

Even against normal targets, the sword inflicts greater damage than one might expect a normal sabre to inflict. Against werewolves and other Were Creatures, the weapon inflicts devastating blows. Even worse however, such creatures when hit by the weapon cannot regenerate the damage normally and heal humanly slow. This effect however does not work against non Were Creatures and magical and psychic healing can also be used.

Somehow, the possessor of the weapon also can sense werewolves and other Were Creatures. Nobody knows exactly how. Does not matter what form the creature is in, human, animal, or hybrid. Finally, the wielder of the weapon, once they bound with the weapon, is immune to the curse of Were Creatures effected by a curse. If bitten or clawed by a Werewolf, they are not at any risk of transforming into a Werewolf themselves. Of course, a Werewolf can still kill them. Many wielders of this weapon have fallen to the claws of werewolves.

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