Crystal String (Magical Long Bow):

Some of the rarest magic items of the Palladium World are made from crystal. Many are works of art and are extremely beautiful. Except for a number of lesser items, most are attributed to an alchemist known as Eldron. Other items attributed to him include the Blue Crystal Swords, Staff of the Phoenix. Many of his secrets were never shared with anyone else.

He is said to have been an elf and not extremely old. As the youngest of his creation are only a few hundred years old, its is quite possible that he is still alive. Of course then the mystery is what happened to him. There are some rumors with one of the most popular being that he resides on the Elven Island of Refriume. Still, there is nothing concrete.

Crystal String is believed to be one of his last creations. None of his other creations are bows. Like all of his other creation, it is a work of art. Several nobles who considered themselves archers, some appropriately and others not so much, have spent fortunes to acquire this bow. Unfortunately, the bow is also a target for thieves and has ended up changing hands many times.

A short bow, Crystal String appears to be made from a single sold crystal. Even so, the bow flexes as a normal bow when drawn. The string of the bow itself also appears to be made from crystal. The bow has every appearance of being indestructible and there is no wear at all on the weapon. A few owners have wrapped the hand grip in leather but the grooves in the grip make it.

The enchantments on the bow appear to generally pretty conventional in form. As previous listed, the bow appears to be indestructible. Well balanced, most owners will find themselves firing better and longer than they had ever before. In addition, the bow will adjust to the strength of the strength of the archer using the bow. An arrow fired by a stronger archer will generally penetrate deeper than one fired by a weaker archer. Finally, each arrow leaves the bow with a golden aura surrounding it, and even when fired by an archer who is not all that strong will end up penetrating quite deeply.

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