Elven Bows of Starlight (Magical Bows):

During the height of the Elven “New” Kingdom, incredible magic items were crafted. Of course, many were lost during the wars between the Dwarves and the Elves. It also shattered both cultures and many of the secrets to the creation of magic items were lost. Time has caused even more to be lost and few remain today. One of the most valued Elven magic items are the "Elven Bows of Starlight" and only a few dozen, likely less than a hundred, are known to survive. Elves have always been renowned for their bow crafting skills similar to the way that Dwarves are valued for their skill with crafting swords, axes, and incredible armors. Long Bowman and Rangers greatly valued normal Elven crafted bows and even more enchanted versions of these bows. Many adventurers have explored ruins of Elven cities and ancient battlefields in the attempt to recover one of these magic "Bows of Starlight." While there are a few Elven Alchemists who will craft similar magical bows, they rarely will craft them for non-elves and the ancient versions of the "Elven Bows of Starlight" are the most valued.

There are both long bow and short bow versions of the "Elven Bows of Starlight" and are works of arts in both cases. Long Bows are of a straight bow design while Short Bow designs are of a recurve design and are just as powerful as Long Bow varieties. No crossbow versions have been discovered and most Elves have a certain disdain for such weapons although there are some Dwarven crafted crossbows. They are legendry for their power and compactness and are of similar design to Turkish type bows. The bows themselves are enameled in black with silver intricate designs running along the sides of the bow. The designs are usually a combination of stars, moons, and shooting stars. They seem to glow as if they have an inner light. Many are signed in silver Elven letters by the craftsman who created the bow. Unlike normal bows, the enchanted bows cannot be unstrung and the bow strings are indestructible like the bow itself. The bow strings act like normal bow strings but look like they are crafted of glowing silver. None of the bows show any sign of wear even though they are thousands of years old.

When an arrow is fired from the bow, it seems to glow as if it carries a magical energy of its own and this glow seems to add to the impact of the arrow. No matter how strong or weak the archer is, the bow appears to feel perfect in the archer's hands. Like most bows crafted by Elves, the bows have perfect balance and are incredibly accurate. If the wielder concentrates, the bow's glow will increase until it is equal to a few candles similar to gems of light. Unlike Gems of light, the glow of the bows seems to never burn out. The bow's glow seems soft and does not interfere with the night vision of the archer although the glow helps in complete darkness.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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