Healer's Harp (Rune Harp):

Rune Weapons are some of the most powerful items on the Palladium World with the secrets of them lost in the Millenniums. Weapons are not the only items to be enchanted with runic enchantment. There are also rune books, often with spells which are long lost. As well, there are several musical instruments empowered by rune magic. Most of these appear to be harps. There are four famous harps, each which commands an element. There is also a demon harp which allows the player to summon a demon.

Healer's Harp is a bit different. The harp does not command the fearsome elements and does not have the ability to summon incredibly powerful creatures from the abyss. No, the magic of the Healer's Harp is of a softer type. The sound of the music has the ability to heal. As well, the song can often remove a foul curse and turn the dead if attacking the player of the instrument. As well, all those which listen to the music of the harp will have a hard time attacking a person playing the instrument or anybody else for that matter. It does not actually charm them but create a peace which seems to somehow penetrate even the most evil heart.

Like most enchanted musical instruments, even someone without skill can play the instrument. Of course, those who have actual skill in playing instruments can do much better and they will find themselves in all likelihood playing better than they ever thought they could. The music comes out in calming and stilling tones, each note perfect.

Like many enchanted musical instruments, the Healer's Harp is incredibly beautiful. The instrument is a small hand held harp. It appears to be made from polished silver with silver strings than never need tuning. The spine of the harp appears to be that of a female angel with her wings as the frame which actually holds the strings of the instrument. Dressed in robes, the angel has long hair and is incredibly beautiful. Even though ancient, the instrument shows no signs of wear.

Some believe that the spirit inside of the instrument really is an angel. As will many runic items, it is hard to say for sure and she does not talk about herself much. Even so, she is quite charismatic though as well as having an incredibly strong will. She has a calm demeanor and is not one for vengeance. Hatred does not seem to be a part of her although she will refuse to heal those who are truly evil. She sees evil as causing their own lot in life.

Even though her magic is clerical in nature, she also does not seem to prefer priests over anybody else. Only a few priests have possessed her over the Millenniums. She seems to have no known ties to any particular pantheon either. More common are healers or bards. The people who carried her over time seem to be split half and half between men and woman. A wide variety of different races also have possessed, elves and humans predominating. She will only body with those who are truly good but may allow somebody who has a bit more of a devil may care attitude to use her abilities. There have been a few cases where she has even allowed those who almost evil but stand in the balance to use her abilities. It is extremely rare however.

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