Bane Claws (Enchanted Bracer):

Far fewer of these have been created than Black Scorpion Claws and there is only believed to have ever been a handful of these weapon’s created. The first of these is believed to be only a few hundred years old. Part of this is the fell reputation of the weapon and part is due to simple cost. These claws often rival rune weapons in how much they might cost.

Still, there are certain groups who might wish to possess one of these weapons. These include assassins as one might expect but others include Demon Thralls, Black Priests, Black Wizards, and Necromancers. In general, the only alchemists who know how to make these weapons reside in the Western Empire although a few have managed to drift to other lands over the years. There are no lost arts involved in making these weapons but still few Alchemists will craft these weapons. Rumor is that one of the alchemists who made several of these claws also made some fantastic swords for a number of heroic knights of the Empire.

These weapons appear to be a relatively heavy bracer which have a pair of claws which extend from the bracer when activated. It cannot be considered a true transformable weapons because the claws merely extend from inside the shield. As a result, the weapon itself is easier to make. There are a variety of different designs of these shields. A couple were made in such a manner that both the bracer and the claws themselves look like they were made from bone.

All of the known Bane Claws are extraordinarily finely crafted, believed to have been created by Kobold weapon crafters. While Dwarven weapon crafters might make finer weapons, most weaponsmiths of that race avoid making weapons with such a fell reputation.

As with the Black Scorpion Claws, part of the reason why so few of these claws have been created and why they are so expensive is that the weapons have to have the same enchantment multiple times. Each claw has to be enchanted separately. The weapon is enchanted to be indestructible. The claws are enchanted to penetrate any armor as well as creature’s skins. Finally, the claws causes infectious wounds to any opponent. One of the most rare of enchantments, this enchantment largely explains the weapon’s cost.

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