Heart Piercer (Rune Javelin):

Having been lost for hundreds of years, this rune javelin (or light spear) is known mainly from the ancient records of sages and scholars. It is said to seek out targets as if it self aims itself. Interestingly, a small number of scholars now wonder if the weapon actually exists. This is partially due to the contradictory nature of some of the stories. There is also a dagger called “Heart Seeker” and a rune arrow known as the “Black Arrow” which both have similar enchantments. Some scholars some think that the stories about the javelin are actually about either the dagger or arrow.

Various stories are told about where the javelin might be found, most not much more than rumors. The most common rumors place it in the ruins of the Old Kingdom but there are also stories of the weapon being located in the Northern Wilderness or the Baalgor Wasteland. There are always quests to find this rune javelin. Dozens if not hundreds of adventurers are believed to have lost their lives.

Many things are unknown such as how old the javelin is. There are some records about the javelin which indicate that it might be dated from long before the Great Elven Kingdom. One story is that such a rune javelin slew one of the most feared generals of the Dwarven armies. Before being lost, it is suggested that it was carried by a number of famous warriors, some human and others elves.


There are a number of different stories about the rune javelin’s personality. One is that it is of a grizzled veteran warrior. These stories tell that the personality is extremely practical when dealing with combat. Others suggest that the personality is that of a female elven noble. It is said in these stories that the personality is a bit on the flighty side. Most stories do agree that the rune javelin has a good personality although not one to always follow the laws, preferring the spirit over the letter of the law.

In appearance, tales tell that the javelin is an attractive weapon made from blue grey metal. The entire weapon is made from metal. The “head” of the javelin is artistically styled. On the head and along the shaft of the javelin are tiny runes. As with most rune weapons, the javelin is extremely well balanced both when thrown and used as a melee weapon.

As with most rune weapons, the javelin inflicts incredible damage. Damage is greater than a conventional battle axe or halberd. The most spectacular enchantment on the javelin is that it will seek out whomever it is aimed with. The javelin can actually be thrown around corners although far less accurate. In addition, the javelin will return to the thrower once it either hits or misses its target. If the javelin hits, it tends to penetrate deeper than one might expect. The javelin can be thrown twice the range that one normally expects.

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