Amulet of the Scorpion / Spider (Enchanted Jewelry):

This magic item comes in several different forms - necklaces, arm bands, and belt buckles being among the most common. In general, rings are simply too small. This is because the magic item contains a crystal or amber which appears to contain a scorpion or spider. As might be expected, these magic items containing spiders are extremely popular with the church of Tark. Some of these items can be extremely decorative and worth a fortune.

When activated, the Scorpion or Spider will come to life. It can be activated up to three times per day with a duration of six hours per activation. In some way these magic items are similar to guardian stones. Unlike guardian stones, if the creature is destroyed, the scorpion or spider appears to return to the magic item and can be activated again after twenty-four hours. A variety of different scorpions or spiders can be enchanted into the item although limited to the smaller varieties of these creatures because the whole creature must be maintained within the item. Poisonous varieties are the most common. The creature is under the complete control of the wearer of the magic item. Abilities and Statistics are as per the creature in question.

Cost: 20,000 Gold (Decorative versions can cost three to four times normal)

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