Shield of the Phoenix (Magical Shield):

In reality, there are many enchanted shields in the Palladium world. Even so, the Shield of the Phoenix is quite special. It is believed that the shield was made by an Elven Alchemist but the name of the creator is lost in time. The history of the shield goes back about a thousand years and some scholars believe the shield was made by an Alchemist around that time. Other sages believe that the shield was made around the time of the Elf and Dwarf Wars and was lost for millenniums. There are some fragmentary stories from around that time which might tell of the shield. One translation seems to indicate a shield with a sword of fire indicating that it was one weapon. Other scholars consider the translation to be that the warrior wielded a shield and sword of fire which to them means that the warrior carried two weapons. No matter, the weapon is very effective and several alchemists have attempted to copy the enchantments without success. The closest an alchemist has managed is to combine a retractable flaming sword into a shield but the weapon is in a fire proof compartment which is extended and retracted with the use of a lever while the Shield of the Phoenix uses a command word.

This shield is a medium round shield which appears to be made of bronze. It appears to be extremely well crafted and is well balanced. The shield is completely untarnished for all of its age. The face of the shield has the design of a phoenix which has it's wings spread and is surrounded with an aura of fire. The design of the phoenix is raised as well as being enameled in bright colors including reds, oranges, and yellows. The inside of the shield is padded and is strapped to the wearer’s arm with two leather straps. The padding and straps have been replaced several times in the shield's history and under the padding, the shield is about an inch thick although it does not weigh as if it is solid bronze. There are loops in the shield to allow the padding to be sewn onto the shield and the leather straps to be attached.

The most obvious enchantment of the shield is that it is indestructible. It has been used in numerous battles yet shows no sign of damage. What makes the Shield of the Phoenix special is when the command words of "Fire Blade" is commanded in Elven by the wearer of the shield, a flaming sword appears from the shield. The blade disappears when the command words of "Flame Down" is given in Elven. The command only works from the wearer. The blade extends from the side of the shield above the wearer’s wrist and is about two and a half feet long (equal to a short sword.) When activated, the flaming blade produces light equal to about two torches. The final ability of the shield is that when the command of "Resist Fire" is given, the wearer of the shield becomes fire resistant. Use of this enchantment is limited to four times per day and twenty minutes each time it is activated.

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