Iron Bone Armor (Magical Plate Armor):

There have been a number of these armors made over the years and similar designs have also been created which are not enchanted. Some necromancers have put their armies of their zombies in such non magical armors, often a bit plainer and lower quality, and have had enchanted armors made for them and their generals. An army clad in such armors can be incredibly fearsome. Some assassins, evil mercenaries, dark priests, witches, and others also like these armors. Several alchemists are believed to specialize in making this armor.

These suits of finely made plate armor are obviously made of metal but emulates the look of bone with the articulation of the joins looking more like bone joints than the normal segmentation of armor. The breast plate is in the basic design of a skull. The shoulder plates look like huge plates of bone. The material of the armor itself is a dark grey metal which is matte in finish. The indented areas of the armor are usually black in color. It is obvious that much work goes into making such armors. There is a fairly wide variation in the exact styles of these plate armors as well.

In each arm of the armor are curved claws which can be extended on command and are retracted when not needed. These magical triple claws are indestructible and also carry the bone design on them. They are incredibly sharp and are devastating weapons. Many wearers of the armor do not use any weapons beyond the claws built into the armor. The claws are also useful when climbing walls.

These armors are generally of the finest Dwarven quality, incredibly well made of the finest steels and quite tough. They are also enchanted to regenerate any damage which they take which makes them incredibly hard to completely destroy. If completely destroyed, they will not regenerate damage and are wrecked.

The armor is extremely lightweight, basically weightless, and a person can move in the armor like it is not even there.

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