Woryr the Storm Hammer (Rune Hammer):

Ingynd had been just traveling through, a blond haired woman warrior who carried a warhammer. She had actually been on her way to join up with a group of adventures. They were on their way to a rumored treasure hoard in the hill to the west. She had stopped in the small village to resupply and get a good meal. Unfortunately, there was no ability to really enjoy herself.

While eating her lamb stew, she heard howling. Not the wind although it was bitterly cold. Not normal wolves, a frightening prospect. The winter had been hard and it was quite likely that they had many of their animals die already. No, she thought she recognized the sound. Alu Demons, a dozen or more from the sounds. Not the worst demons but still pretty bad.

For a moment, she considered that she really did not want to get involved. She could just leave now without warning them. Still, she wanted to have a place to sleep for the night. She stood up and yelled, "Demons. Get your men ready for battle."

A few minutes later, she was standing at a barrier to the village stockade. Not a serious fortress but the village had a wooden wall around it. The demons though were supernaturally strong and would knock the walls down like they were barely there.

It was a motley assortment on her side. Ten others beside here, there were few that she would consider true warriors. Some had some experience but there were a bit on the old side and had not kept up their fighting skills. Ingynd had been a mercenary for many years and knew how to judge the fighting abilities of a man or a women.

She had been told by one of the villagers beside her that there were rumors of a Summoner, a circle master, that had a keep to the west. None of the stories were verified. Still, she thought it at least possible that the Summoner had summoned the demons and had lost control. If that was the case, he was most likely dead by now.

The Alu demons had entered the clearing around the village, there were sixteen of them total. Even more of them than she thought there were. If the circle master had really summoned than many, he was looking for trouble. Definitely trouble for the village if the summoner was alive or dead.

While she did not want to reveal her abilities, she did not see much choice. She drew her hammer out of its case, revealing it for the first time. Blue grey, the head and haft of the hammer covered in runes. Otherwise, it looked ancient although had similar designs to weapons dedicated to the Northern Gods.

She raised the hammer to the sky. As the Alu Demons charged, she summoned a great whirlwind. The whirlwind dropped in the middle of the demons. The creatures were caught in the winds, swirled around, and finally dashed back onto the ground. Several appeared stunned. This would only last for a minute or so.

Nor waiting for them to recover, she threw her hammer. It was beyond the range one can normally throw a hammer and expect it to hit. Still, the enchanted weapon flew towards one of the creatures that was stunned, hitting it straight in the chest.

The hammer flew back towards her hand. This would be one hell of a fight.

As with many rune weapons, the origins of the weapon are unknown although it is believed to date from many thousands of years ago. The weapon is most likely dated to long before the foundation of the great Elven Kingdom. It has been carried by a great many wielders over the last several thousand years. The identity of most of these people have been lost to the ages although some have been extremely famous often as well known for the abilitiy to party as their fighting abilities. As with many rune weapons, it has been lost several times disappearing for decades if not centuries.

In personality, the weapon appears somewhere between unprincipled and anarchist. It does not seem to like those who are truly evil and seems to have a similar disdain for those who are truly heroic. The hammer does like battle as well as being selfish. The personality seems to be that of a fairly flamboyant warrior although an extremely experienced one as well. It seems to be more or less male, has a keen sense for the profit of an adventure. It prefers warriors over other types of people and has an active disgust of wizards and the like. It is not a true hatred. Usually, the hammer will choose warriors, male or female, that have a sense of wanting to enjoy life. Seems to have an attitude of "Eat, Drink, be Merry, for tomorrow you die."

The entire warhammer appears to be made from some kind of blue grey metal. Both the head and shaft of the weapon are made from this unknown metal. As with all rune weapons, the hammer is indestructible and shows absolutely no signs of wear. The head and shaft of the hammer are covered in runes. In addition, the hammer also has designs in common with weapons dedicated to the Northern Gods. Haft of the hammer is grooved so that it can be held even with sweat or blood making one's hands slippery. The hammer is extremely well balanced, equal to the finest weapons made by dwarven master weaponsmiths. This balance is equally good in both melee combat and when thrown.

When used in combat, the hammer inflicts around three times that of a normal hammer and even few enchanted hammers inflict similar damage. Otherwise, the enchantments on the weapon are mostly tied to elemental forces of air. This includes both lightning and storm control. The hammer can throw lightning bolts, create ball lightning, and create fields of crackling lightning. As far as storms, a great whirlwind can be created as well as snow storms and rain storms. Finally, the hammer can be thrown and returns when thrown. It can also be thrown at a longer range than a normal hammer. It can be thrown over two hundred feet.

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