Unicorn’s Heart (Lightbringer Rune Sword):

Most weapons are made to kill, for the heart of battle. Magic weapons are similar in this regard. Only a few are designed for both. One of these is a sword known as Unicorn’s Heart. It is a deadly weapon in combat but also is a weapon designed to heal. The weapon is considered extremely prized by knight and healer alike. Several famous paladins are believed to have carried this Lightbringer weapons. In the same regard, the weapon is considered to be especially terrifying to demons and the undead.

Stories of this weapon go back thousand of years and it is hard to know when the weapon was actually made. It is said that many thousands of years ago, the god Thoth made a huge number of lightbringer weapons. They were then said to be spread all over the Megaverse. There is little actually evidence that he created it although it is as plausible as anything.

The appearance of this weapon is fairly spectacular. The sword itself is a slim long sword, finely balanced. It is as well balanced as the finest of Dwarven blades. Even though thousands of years old, it shows no signs of wear. The blade itself is finely polished with tiny runes visible in the polished metal. These runes run in a groove down the center of the blade. Both the hand guard and grip / handle, they appear to be made from a single piece of ivory. One seems to flow directly into the other. While the hand guard is a simple straight guard, the sword’s handle is in the spiral design of a unicorn’s horn and comes to a sharp point.

As with most Lightbringer weapons, the sword does not seem to have much of an independent personality. The most a possessor ever seems to get from the weapon is feelings. However, the weapon will not bond to those of evil or anarchist alignment. As well, it will cause discomfort to those who are not of good belief systems.

When used as a weapon, the weapon inflicts damage similar to most rune weapons even though a Lightbringer weapons. The weapon’s blade is extremely sharp, and as mentioned above, extremely well balanced. In addition, it also does double damage against demons and similar creatures as well as the undead, although not against most other supernatural creatures. Demon Thralls (Witches) tied to Demons and their ilk will be effect in the same manner as demons themselves. Of course, any creatures especially effected rune weapons will also be effected by this long sword in the same manner.

It is healing abilities similar to what some rune weapons. Chief among these is the ability of the weapon to heal up to six times per day. In addition, the weapon can also remove curses up to once per day. The weapon also has power over the dead. It can be used to either turn the dead or to animate the dead. The last power is rarely used with most wielders only using it at times of last resort.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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