Black Swan Armor (Magical Leather Armor):

There was a story about the first wearer of the armor of the white swan having a sister. Just as beautiful but raven haired. Some stories even suggest that she was evil. A suit of black leather armor was suppose to have been made for her. This is the story that was told about the Black Swan armor.

Generally now this story has been rejected. Careful examination of the armor’s style indicates that it is likely not from the time of the Great Elven Kingdom but instead a relatively recent creation, likely only a little over two hundred years or so. There are a few books on leather armors created around that time and even a few other enchanted armors from that time.

Whoever made the actual leather armor is unknown although it has enchantments that very few armors in the Palladium World have. It is also hard to really know if it was made for a specific individual or if it was made by an alchemist to sell. Whatever the case, the suit seems designed for a woman to wear not a man.

The oldest reasonably confirmed stories place it in the Eastern Territories and the style is similar to other leather suits made around that same time. Some suggest that the alchemist who created the suit might have come form the Western Empire. The first stories are several hundred years old. First woman suppose to have worn the suit was a human psi-mystic who was as much a fighter as anything else.

Since then, the armor has drifted around. It has found its way into the hands of multiple wearer with some rangers, some mercenaries, and even some thieves having worn the leather suit. There is even the story of a lady mind mage having possessed the suit of black leather for some time.

Primarily the leather armor is a suit of soft leather but has a hard leather breast plate as well as hard leather plates in strategic locations. The chest and hips are specifically designed for the breasts and hips of a woman. In fact, when worn, there is an enchantment that suit will size to fit female figures from just under five feet tall to just over six feet. Because many elven women are over six feet tall, it makes it less likely it was created for an elven woman originally although some will fit the suit.

As far as decoration, the leather breast plate itself has the design of a swan. The etched lines of the swan are highlighted in silver. Similarly, the suit itself is highlighted with the design of feathers which are also highlighted with etched silver lines. On the back of the armor are the designs of swan’s wings done in a similar fashion. All in all, the suit is a work of art.

The suit has a number of enchantments. It is as hard to penetrate as a much heavier suit of plate and chain armor. It also seems able to take at least three as much abuse as that suit of plate and chain. It has been damaged many times and always regenerates the damage. It is however suspected that if ever completely destroyed, it will be unable to regenerate. The regeneration also keeps the suit from wearing out from simple use. Finally, the suit is extremely lightweight. A wearer can move in the suit like a set of dancing clothes.

These are the relatively common enchantments but the final enchantment is extremely rare. In fact, it is only known from a number of suits known as “Armor of the Seraph” created by the alchemist Kimbra and her apprentices. Being a bit newer than those suits of plate and chain, the newest being over three hundred years old, many think that either one of those apprentices or an apprentice of one of the apprentices created the suit. That is that the suit has the enchantment of winged flight. When the enchantment is activated, a pair of black swan wings appear from the back. With those wings, the wearer can fly.

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